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Sagar bypoll: Here is all about where all parties stand in race

  • Fell vacant after the demise of sitting MLA Nomula Narasimhaiah
  • Bypoll crucial for all 3 major parties
  • Political parties warming up, but who will strike?

Nagarjunasagar: The upcoming Nagarjuna Sagar by poll is crucial for all three parties, TRS, Congress and BJP to gain upper hand in future politics in Telangana. All three parties are confident about their victory showing various factors, but ground realty is different.

Congress, can it?

The Congress party is not at all in race in previous bypoll held in Dubbaka nor did  it perform well in recent GHMC elections. The party, which has a good track record in Telangana, lost its grip after 2018 assembly elections for various reasons. Now the issue of new TPCC President keeping every congressman guessing  clearly showed internal differences in party. This is the main reason why senior leader of the party and candidate for Sagar By poll, Jana Reddy requested AICC to  hold on TPCC appointment till the by poll is over. Jana reddy, who won the seat seven times earlier, is facing tough time in the constituency. The voters are totally against  his family members and they strongly believe that he did not keep up his word in developing constituency. Even Jana Reddy is not clear whether he or his son will contest, but the result may be tough for the party to digest as per sources. Jana Reddy did say that he would be contesting in the by-election.

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BJP, in the race

It is true that the saffron party has surged in Telangana for the past few months. The recent victories also boosted its confidence. But coming to Sagar by poll, BJP has not that much vote bank and the party’s candidate Niveditha stood in 4thplace in 2018 assembly elections. But now BJP kept two options in mind for upcoming elections. As per sources, there may be a BJP candidate from Yadav community as that community  has a large vote bank in the constituency. BJP also started its campaign with a campaign for tribal lands in Gurrampodu which was received well by the community.

Second option BJP is looking for is admitting and making Komatireddy Rajagopal Reddy as its candidate. There were speculations going on that if TRS fields a tough candidate, BJP leaders may hold talks with Delhi bigwigs and facilitate  entry of  Rajagopal into party. Rajagopal has good grip on Nalgonda district and has ties with Sagar constituency voters.

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TRS, losing grip

This is clearly witnessed during CM’s recent meeting at Halia, who kick started his campaign by starting various developmental projects on the day. The response was poor from the crowd. Farmers are angry with the TRS government and voters for the unkept promise of double bed room houses. The anti incumbency against ruling party is clearly seen in Sagar Constituency. Party is mainly eyeing on the strong and wealthy candidate and the name in the race is Kancherla Chandra Sekhar Reddy. He is the nephew of actor Allu Arjun, who contested as MLA from Ibrahimpatnam on TRS ticket and lost. Whoever the candidate may be, it is tough for TRS to retain Sagar constituency in by poll as per ground realty.

Final Verdict: At present, Sagar by poll is favouring the BJP, but it is not the greatness or hard work of the party, the anti incumbency against TRS and internal bickering  in the congress and voters anguish against Jana Reddy’s family, all making  positive atmosphere for the BJP.

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