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Stalin to follow Jagan’s route to vote bank

  • Will PK Strategy help Stalin too to become CM?
  • 10 years out of power, but creates mark in public
  • Voters favour DMK, say majority opinion polls

Chennai: Tamil Nadu politics is taking a turn-around after Sasikala (Chinnamma) returned to Chennai eyeing an active role in politics after she spent  four years in a Bengaluru jail. There is a clear war going on between Sasikala and AIADMK on the legacy of Jayalalitha, but opposition party, DMK, is looking confident this time of coming back to power. It is doing its work at ground level with various programmes such as “Stalin in your constituency’ which is getting good applause from voters of TN.

Is Prashant Kishor’s strategy working?

Renowned Poll Strategist Prashant Kishor (PK) on day one said that DMK will perform extremely well if it goes alone in upcoming assembly elections. DMK is tied up with Kishor’s IPAC team for poll strategy for 2021 assembly elections.  Kishor was instrumental in making Jagan Mohan Reddy   CM of Andhra Pradesh with his ideas and ideologies. Now he is using the same principle to make Stalin CM of TN.  The Strategist was successful in previous elections when he worked for different parties, but failed only in one mission and state, that is Uttar Pradesh in 2017. But Stalin kept many hopes on Kishor, who is guiding DMK from day one after an agreement was signed in Feb 2020. Stalin and DMK came up with different concept on social media, with SUN RISING, a message that is going to masses. The rise in pitch of Stalin against Central Government on AIIMS issue and poets’ issue is attracting voters. TN is the state where the war will mainly be between Centre and State, whatever may be  the elections. This is the main reason Jayalalithaa won many times, using that trump card, now Stalin is focusing on the same one.

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AIADMK in trouble?

Ruling AIADMK looks to be in trouble with internal disputes and Sasikala factor. The Palanisamy and Panneerselvam factors have already made the party split into two groups and the involvement of BJP in its internal matters is making it tough for the party to revive. The sudden exit of Rajinikanth from politics also caused a little discomfort for the AIADMK. The possibility of Rajinikanth splitting anti incumbency  votes looked has disappeared  after his retirement and Thaliva fans are slowly looking towards DMK. Sasikala, who is angry with the BJP, is trying to retain Jayalalaithaa’s legacy and wants to take over grip on party which may push Palanisamy group into more trouble in coming days. BJP, which has not that much vote share in TN totally depended on the AIADMK, but the present scenario doesn’t favour even saffron party too.

DMDK to fight it alone

Actor Vijayakanth’s party DMDK has decided to go it alone in upcoming elections which will show impact on AIADMK. The split in votes by DMDK will favour DMK as per pollsters. Vijayakanth was one main factor who made Jayalalithaa to retain power in 2016 winning second successive term. Now the decision to go alone will surely slow down the winning race of AIADMK in TN.

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Voters Pulse, difficult to know in TN

It is difficult to read the pulse of TN voters. Major surveys predicted DMK win in 2016 elections, but at the end AIADMK came into power with thumping majority. Even now all the opinion polls favour the DMK giving it around 130 and NDA around 100, one  can’t say until the end of the voting as per previous experiences of surveys in TN. But one thing is clear, DMK is surging forward right now.

Prashanth Kishor, Jagan combo

It worked very well in Andhra Pradesh where Jagan Mohan Reddy’s YSRCP overthrew TDP from power. The same foot steps are advised by Prashanh is giving a similar roadmap to Stalin. Jagan was in public round the clock with different programmes like Paadayatra or Odarpuyatra. Now Stalin was also asked to be in public with different programmes by Kishor. Will the combination of PK and Stalin bring DMK back into power?


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