Friday, July 12, 2024

Medigadda Project has to be rebuild

Central Expert Team says every thing was a failure

The Telangana Joint Action Committee has released the following statement on Friday:

The report of the central expert team on the collapse of the Kaleswaram Medigadda barrage has come out.

Reasons given by the expert committee for the collapse of the barrage:

A failure of planning.

A design failure.

Construction failure.

Management failure

In the words of central expert committee,“The problem with block number 7 is beyond repair.” Whole block should be removed from foundations and rebuilt. Considering the structural similarities, other blocks in Medigadda barrage are likely to fail in the same way. If this happens the whole barrage needs to be rebuil

 “Annaram, and Sundilla barrages built on top of Medigadda as part of the Kaleshwaram project also have similar designs and construction methods. It means that these also may face such problems. Signs of boiling problem are already there below Annaram barrage. Been watching this over the past couple of days. It is essential that these two barrages be inspected immediately along with Medigadda barrage to identify such signs and piping problems”

Which means, the problem is not only with Medigadda barrage.

Entire Kaleshwaram belongs to all the barrages… Central team has decided that.

Now there is no need to mention the situation of reservoirs like Mallanna Sagar. It is like a total of lakh crores of rupees were found in ashes. Lakhs of lives are in danger!

At least now, the central government should immediately conduct a comprehensive enquiry on the entire Kaleshwaram project.

Comprehensive study on the project, inspections and preventive measures should be taken to avoid any serious accidents in the future.


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