Rayalaseema should not be cursed by govts. too

Tiruvananthapuram: In the context of water development boards for Krishna and Godavari rivers the following points have to be borne in mind.

  1. The Rayalseema area in Andhra Pradesh is cursed by  nature with scarce rainfall and lack of river waters. I understand that the AP government has proposed life irrigation projects and that the central agencies on environment are against those proposals.
  2. The Telangana State government is trying, with or without prior clearance of central government, to use every drop of water in Krishna and Godavari river, flowing in its territory, by way of Kaleswaram and other projects.
  3. River waters are national property and the Union government has the moral responsibility to see justice is done.
  4. Should Rayalaseema be cursed by governments too? Every year huge waters of Godavari and Krishna flow into ocean.
  5. The central government needs to look into this problem in depth and consider ways and means for providing irrigation waters for vast tracts of parched lands.
Prof. Venkata Narayana Rao Kurucheti
Prof. Venkata Narayana Rao Kurucheti
Prof. K.V. Narayana Rao has been a teacher and research guide in politics and public administration. He did his PhD from the university of Madras. Authored several authentic books on politics in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Lives in Thiruvananthapuram.


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