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Kamal Nath’s ‘Item’ slur makes BJP leaders furiouos

  • Former CM comments on  BJP leader Imarti Devi sparks controversy
  • BJP complaints to EC on  insulting women.
  • Kamalnath defends his comment  saying it is not disrespectful

Gwalior: Madhya Pradesh former chief minister appears to be in trouble after his comments at a by poll campaign in Gwalior when he described  BJP candidate Imarti Devi as an ‘item’.

A Video containing his words was submitted to EC which shows Kamalnath saying” Why Should I take the name (of the BJP candidate) you all know that person better than me. What an Item!” when voters cheered his speech by saying” Imarta Devi” as he continued his speech with that remark. He said that his party candidate was a simple man. He was addressing public meeting at Dabra as  part of election campaign in MP for 28 assembly constituencies polling for  which will be held on Nov 3rd.

Shivaraj,  Scindia Hit back

MP Chief Minister Shivraj Chouhan came back with a tweet that reads ‘Imrati devi is a daughter of a poor farmer and the congress party showed its ‘feudal mindset’.

Jyothiraditya Scindia came harsh on Kamalnath by saying there is no respect for women in congress. ‘Jalebi’ statement by Ajay Singh, Digvijay’s Singh comment on Meenakshi Natrajan and now Kamalnath’s slur on Imarti Devi prove the same, he said.

Imarti Devi and 21 MLAs of Scindia group resigned from the congress party and joined the BJP in the month of March which led to the political storm and fall of Kamalnath’s government in MP.

Sack Kamalnath, Imarti asks Sonia

Imarti Devi demanded congress President Sonia Gandhi to expel Kamalnath from party. “Sonia is also a mother and will she tolerate if anyone says something like this against her daughter’ Devi demanded.

Caste card to impact politics

Kamalnath’s controversial comment on Imarti Devi turned into a caste factor as she belongs to Dalit. BJP is trying to use cast card for by poll after Kamalnath sparked political storm by his comments on Devi. Kamalnath defended his word ‘item’ in a statement to press by saying that he and all participants in the contest are items which is not a disrespectful word.  He supported his statement by saying in Lok sabha and Vidhan sabha  work schedule, the item number is mentioned and same in the distribution of prizes, how can it be disrespectful. Polling  will take place on Nov 3rd and counting will be on Nov 10th for 28 assembly constituencies in MP with the BJP, particularly Scindia’s group, is trying to retain with the Congress trying hard to grab seats and to grab CM’s chair. In fact, the seats were won on Congress ticket in the last election. If Congress won, it would amount to retaining the seats.


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