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Sagar By Poll: Prestigious for all 3 parties

  • TRS to choose either a Reddy or a Yadav
  • BJP confident that Dubbaka result repeats
  • Congress Stalwart, Jana Reddy, starts brisk campaign

Nagarjunasagar: The Sagar by poll which is due on April 17th became a prestigious battle for all the three major parties, TRS, BJP and the Congress. All these parties are focusing on Sagar by poll and preparing themselves to field candidates as soon as assembly sessions are over. TRS might give the ticket to Reddy community or BC and BJP is waiting to announce after TRS fields its candidate. Congress party already announced Jana Reddy’s name who is former minister and doing campaign for the past three months.

TRS exercise: KCR gets Intelligence Report

After Congress announced Jana Reddy as its candidate, TRS is looking for a strong candidate to counter him. CM K. Chandrashekar Rao has been totoong with the idea of giving ticket to either Reddy or Yadav community. Yadav community is in large numbers in the constituency but Reddy community is strong by all means such as financial, popularity and seniority. Names in the race from TRS at present are, Guruvayya Yadav, Ranjith Yadav from Yadav community, MLC Therapu Chinnapareddy and Koti Reddy from Reddy community. The sitting TRS MLA Nomula Narasimhaih, who is no more, belonged to Yadav caste, but survey reports of TRS say that candidate from either caste will benefit them.

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Can Bhagat get the ticket?

Bhagat, son of late Nomula Narasimihah, is expecting the party ticket but TRS leadership is still undecided on whether to give him ticket or accommodating hom otherwise. TRS leaders say that party will be defamed if ticket is not given to Bhagat as they gave ticket to Solipaeta Rama Linga Reddy’s wife in Dubbaka by poll after the death of former MLA.

BJP to start campaign with huge meeting

BJP which is on the surge after Dubbaka win hopes to repeat the same in Sagar by poll. BJP leadership has already Chada Suresh Reddy and Sankineni Venkateswara Rao as election in charges on behalf of the party. TBJP President Bandi Sanjay recently said that list of leaders who are Expecting party ticket is long and he has summoned all leaders to party office a few days back. High Command will decide the candidate and all should abide by the decision, is the one word Bandi said to cadre. BJP is planning to give ticket to Reddy or Yadav community candidate.

It wants to kickstart the campaign with huge public meeting to fill the election vacancy. But who will stand in the battle and who will win it will be known in a month. Election for Sagar by poll will be held on April 17th and result will be announced on May 2nd.

Who will stand in the ocean? Parties exercise

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