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GHMC elections : Vote for TRS for peace, tranquility

Hyderabad : Telangana State Chief Minister and TRS chief Kalvakunatla Chandrasekhar Rao (KCR) has appealed to the people of Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) to vote for TRS to take the city forward with redouble vigour and energy. He cautioned the people not to be misled by what the leader who came from other States said. He made an earnest appeal to the intellectuals, youth and those who came from other regions and settled down here to  defeat the divisive forces who are out to create trouble in the peaceful city. Addressing a mammoth crowd at L.B. Stadium in the heart of the city on Saturday evening, KCR urged the people to bless the party once against with improved mandate for a better and peaceful Hyderabad.

Think about the government performance

“Elections many come and go. When the people vote in elections, they  should think about the government, parties and leaders. They have to observe how the government is working and how it is planning to develop society. When people think and vote based on merits, political leaders will compete in serving the people.

“Hyderabad is a historic city. We faced a lot of difficulties. There were discussions, arguments, counter arguments, doubts and misapprehensions on the prospects of conceding a separate State of Telangana.  Those opposed to the statehood said the people of Telangana  don’t know how to cultivate, how to get power and how go live peacefully.

“KCR is the leader of the movement. Lakhs of people were attending the meetings during the movement. Warangal and Hyderabad cities have witnessed many mass rallies.

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‘KCR succeeded where Churchill failed, said Potturi’

“Potturi Venkateswara Rao, a veteran journalist who passed away recently,  said Winston Churchill  won the war but failed in the peacetime. But KCR has succeeded as the leader of the movement as well as a  leader of the government.  We have been exhibiting a lot of maturity, we have been living peacefully after attaining statehood. Everyone living in Hyderabad is our own and his or her welfare and protection is our responsibility. No discrimination on the religion, region or caste has been shown.

“We know how the power  supply  was seven years ago. Some people have cursed the people of Telangana that they would suffer in darkness without power supply. In Hyderabd every house used to have inverters, stabilisers and converters.  Telangana today is number one among the States in per capital power use. How did we achieve this? You have to recognise the hard work we had done  and the strategy behind our success.

Free drinking water was my dream

“Mission Bhagiratha is only one of its kind in the country . TRS had the gust to tell people that if the our  government failed to supply drinking water, we will not ask for votes. The remaining five to ten percent of work would be completed soon. We sent our Mayor,  other leaders and officials  to Nagpur and Delhi where water supply is good. KCR’s dream is to give water for twenty four hours to the people of Hyderabad. During the earlier regime in undivided Andhra Pradesh, there used to be  announcements that the tap connection would be cut off if the bill s are not paid.

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“The water reform is there only in Delhi. The poor people of Hyderabad also will get 20,000 litres of drinking water per month  for free. I have discussed with the chief minister of Delhi. Delhi is the only city in the country where this water supply is there. People can use this facility collectively.

KCR kit is a super hit

“Every village has a nursery in the State. TRS would not think of village, city, region, party while implementing programmes like Kanti Velugu across the State. Some 60 thousand people were tested and  glasses were given  for free. ‘KCR kit’ is a super hit programme.  Rythu Bandhu is there only in Telangana. This is the only government which is giving Rs.10,000 per acre per year to all. There are 350 basti davakhanas. We rescued every profession. We are helping the people involved in every profession. We are going to give sheep once again to every Yadav family. Dhobi ghats will be developed. Nayi Brahmins will be helped,” said KCR.

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One thousand gurukul schools

KCR spoke about one thousand gurukula schools in Telangana. These are benefits to help every family belonging to all the castes and regions. In the area of irrigation, TS is in second position. It would soon reach number one position. The people have to think what the government is doing, what it intends to do, he said.

“The city grew in an unscientific manner. I don’t want to blame any government or any individuals. Colonies, bastis have come up. But there are no basic facilities. We have spent Rs.60,000 crores so far. But it is not enough.

Rs. 10,000 crore every year for city

“We have to rescue people from floods. We will allocate Rs. 10,000 crore every year for improving drainage system and roads. Please give your vote to TRS to resolve the problems. We have to send the industries which are causing pollution out of the city. We will take the metro upto the airport. We should not be forced to buy oxygen. We should improve the quality of air  life. Musi will be linked to Godavari. It is my responsibility  to clean up Musi river. We need Hyderabad that is peaceful and joyful.

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We created terror in the hearts of criminals

“We have created panic in criminals by taking strong action against the criminals. In using  CC cameras in catching hold of criminals, Telangana stands first in the country. I went to the verge of death to achieve Telangana. I have the commitment. It is not an ordinary thing to develop a State. I have achieved the State and Hyderabad city and I am committed to develop the city. Give me your blessings by voting

PM did not give a paisa

“Mumbai, Chennai. Bengaluru, Delhi, Kolkata and Hyderabad were all  victims of floods. Srinivas Yadav, Mahmood Ali, KTR and others were walking in knee-deep water. Poor people were complaining to the minister that they lost everything . I have declared an assistance of Rs, 10,000 to every household affected by the floods. No BJP ruled State had provided this kind of assistance. When we are doing that kind of help some  stupid leaders had create obstacles. We have given Rs. 650 crore to 6.50 lakh people. The opposition leaders  wrote letters to election commission and stopped the assistance.  The elections will be over and the TRS government would remain. I am assuring that we will give Rs. 10,000 to the remaining  victims from December 7.

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“I have requested prime minister to help us by giving Rs. 1350 crore as we have lost about Rs. 7,000 crore of properties. Not a paisa was given. Bengaluru and  Ahmedabad were  given. What sin we had committed.  It is for the people to understand the discrimination shown by the NDA government at the Centre.

Why leaders from other States for municipal elections?

“Is it municipal election or national elections? Leaders from UP, Maharashtra, Karnataka and all other states have come down. KCR is son of the soil. He has hot blood and bold heart. I have said some hard things. Both the national parties have failed miserably to govern the country. Why there is hunger, why there are no houses and why there is so much unemployment?” he asked.

“Leaders in Delhi are shivering thinking that KCR has set out to create a national  alternative. They are coming to Hyderabad like floods.  30 lakh coroe worth assets are there for LIC. Why sell it?  Why are you selling BHEL? Why privatise Railway?” KCR asked.

UP CM welcome, but what does he have to say?

I invite UP chief minister. His position is not good. We were in number 13 in per capita income earlier and  we are now in fifth position. UP is 29th position. Maharashtra is in number 10 position. The strike yesterday was successful. Builders should think whether they want B-Pass or curfew pass.  Industries and investments are coming to Hyderabad like floods. If will continue when we live peacefully and coexist in harmony.

“Who will remain here after elections. Same Srinivas Yadav, Mahmood Ali,  Padmarao and KTR. Persons from UP, Maharashtra and Karnataka will go away after saying some useless things. But it will be I and other local leader who will remain here and continue to serve.

We arranged 200 trains for migrant workers

“We had arranged 200 trains and sent the migrant labourers to Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal when Covid -19 had hit us. When there is unrest the value of the properties will go down. Industries will suffer and jobs will be lost if the present tranquillity is destroyed by divisive forces. Are we going to lose our peace? Think about the children. The intellectual community of Hyderabad should come forward. Please come forward and vote for the progressive party to preserve peace and stability of Hyderabad,” appealed KCR.  He asked the IT professional to preserve the cosmopolitan nature of the city. “As achiever, as chief minister and as a maker of Telangana State, I appeal to all the responsible citizens of Hyderabad to save the city, “ KCR said.

He made the appeal in three languages- Telugu, Urdu and English. We have to preserve the city of Hyderabad. He made all the candidates to stand up and salute the gathering. “It is my responsibility to develop te city and preserve the peace and tranquillity in the city,” he said.

Some persons are calling me names : KCR

“Some leaders are calling me names. I am capable of replying in the same language. Since we are responsible leader who have to govern the State, we are maintaining restraint. We have no bosses in Delhi. People are our masters, our dream is to make Hyderabad an ideal city. We are 65 lakh TRS workers. We won almost all the ZPs and majoirity of assembly seats. We will not compromise.  The intellectuals and youth should become active and see that the ruling party is supported. The situation is changing by the hour. We are going to win more seats than we won in 2016. We will build a better Hyderabad. Please trust us and vote for us,” appealed KCR.

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