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Revanth trying to change old equations

  • Fresh blood and senior leaders to work together
  • Taking care of his groupies  in all districts
  • Will bring Congress into power at any cost, admirers confident
  • Gandhi Bhavan’s vasthu to change before 7th

Hyderabad: Ever since Sonia Gandhi announced MP Revanth Reddy as new TPCC chief, equations are changing rapidly in Telangana Congress party. The new TPCC President is trying a combination of new blood and involvement of seniors who are on good terms with him. He will take charge of TPCC chief on July 7th and before that Revanth is keen on winning over as many dissident leaders as possible. On one hand, he is  praising the party high command and on the other he is once again enlarging his own group, which is common in Congress party for decades. Before he announces paadayatra which will be from Alampur to Adilabad, Revanth wants to complete meetings with leaders of various districts who have been keeping away from the party after loss in 2018 assembly elections.

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Meets Khammam leaders with Bhatti in Delhi

To start with, Revanth‘s top priority is to change the vasthu of Gandhi Bhavan. He is changing the entry and exit points of Gandhi Bhavan in east direction and totally closing security room and flags store room in Gandhi Bhavan. His cadre is speeding up the work as it has to be completed before July 7th. Revanth also met Khammam district leaders and party chiefs. It looks there is a huge sketch behind convening this meet which took place in the absence of CLP Leader  Bhatti Vikramarka, who is leader from the same district. Meet held at former Union Minister, lady firebrand Renuka Chowdhury’s house which was attended by Ramreddy Damodar Reddy, Sambhani Chandrasekhar, Manavatarai and few other leaders across Khammam district. There is a silent war between Renuka and Bhatti for a few years and she was silent all these days, but once High Command announced Revanth as new TPCC Chief, Renuka came into picture with an idea to keep check on Bhatti with the help of Revanth. New TPCC President is also keen on supporting Renuka rather than Bhatti, which is raising suspicion that something is going on in the party for district congress second grade leaders and activists.

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Renuka  to the fore once again

According to Renuka Chowdhury’s followers, their plan is to unite all the anti-Bhatti factions in the district and bring pressure on him. It seems that Renuka Chaudhary’s plan is to get the entire Khammam district party under her belt by keeping  a check on Bhatti. It remains to be seen how successful Renuka Chowdhury’s plan to sideline Bhatti Vikramarka will be in Khammam district as a whole. Meanwhile, Bhatt is busy in Delhi in meeting senior party leaders. He had met Manickam Tagore and others concerned with the party in Telangana. He will be meeting some more leaders in Delhi before returning to Hyderabad.

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BJP leaders looking at Congress?

Revanth Reddy met Nagam Janardhan reddy, senior BJP leader, two days back and sources say, Revanth invited him back into Congress party to strengthen it in Mahaboobnagar district. Boda Janardhan from Adilabad is looking towards Revanth and Sirpur BJP leader Srinivas is also keen on joining Congress. If all this happens, Revanth will be seen as a hero for congress as he will be the first person to be successful in bringing leaders of other parties  into the Congress party. After assembly elections, we have seen a lot of exodus from Congress to either BJP or ruling party, TRS.

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Revanth’s sketch to bring Congress to power

TPCC President is calculating all equations to bring Congress party into power. Out of 117 assembly segments, Revanth started his own calculations of getting more than 75 seats in next elections. He is not losing or leaving any single chance and coming up with his criticisms on TRS, BJP and even on YSRTP. He is mixing up of all factors like caste based votes, the traditional Congress vote-bank, anti-Modi vote-bank, youth with unemployment as a weapon, farmers’ anger against Modi on farm bills and crop loan waiver. At current scenario, it is a clear, fresh josh seen in Congress party, but can Revanth do magic and bring party back to power?

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