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Sridhar, IAS, seeks protection after deposition in Amaravati lands case

  • Amaravati land deals were supervised by the then minister Narayana
  • The revenue records were clandestinely taken before land pooling

Amaravati: Cherukuri Sridhar, former commissioner of CRDA (Capital Region Development Authority) has appeared before the CID of Andhra Pradesh on Sunday as a witness. He said the revenue records of Thulluru mandal were got in a clandestine way by the government in October 2014 much before the land pooling started in 2015. The process of land pooling was started in January 2015. GO 41 was on assigned lands was released under the guidance of the then municipal affairs minister P. Narayana. Sridhar said he had taken to the notice of the then minister the issues that were in violation of 1977 AP Assigned Land Act. He said the minister did not care even after he explained the implications. The land affairs were conducted with the express consent of Narayana. The CID had requested the High Court to allow it to question the former minister, Narayana.

Sridhar, IAS, sought protection to himself and his family members after he deposed before the Crime Investigation Department. He wrote on June 27 a letter the Adityanath Das, the Chief Secretary of AP government. A 2009 IAS officer, Sridhar was joint collector, Guntur, when the land deals were struck. Later he was elevated to the position of Commissioner, CRDA. A charge sheet was filed on March 12 and Sridhar was later questioned. One Mohan Rao who used to assist the CRDA passed away. Another expert Ramaiah who was dealing with land affairs at CRDA is now working for Telangana government after retirement.   

Meanwhile, Ramakrishna Reddy, MLA, Mangalagiri, said he has proof that Chandrababu Naidu as chief minister got assigned lands registered in the name of his friends and relatives.  


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