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TPCC Chief: Revanth wins the race

  • Sonia Gandhi appoints working President, MP Revanth as new TPCC Chief
  • Seniors hurt on the decision, Medchal Ex MLA KLR Resigns
  • Will bring back past glory to party, says Revanth
  • 6 years record of Uttam as TPCC Chief comes to an end

Hyderabad: After a long time, Gandhi Bhavan witnessed fireworks and hungama after news spread that MP Revanth Reddy was elected as new TCPP President. Celebrations went on at Gandhi Bhavan with party cadre raising slogans “Jai Revanth” and atmosphere looked electrifying on Saturday night. Addressing media for the first time as TPCC CHIEF MP Revanth said that he will fight to bring back the past glory to the Congress party in the state and will strive to bring Congress into power.
High Command pacified seniors and dissidents by appointing them as Working Presidents, Vice Presidents, Conveners of Campaign committee, Election Management Committee, with social balance in the team. Geetha reddy, Mohd Azaharuddin, Anjan kumar Yadav, T.Jagga Reddy and Mahesh Kumar Goud were appointed as Working Presidents of TPCC. Sambani Chandrasekhar, Damodar Reddy, Mallu Ravi, Podem veeriah, Suresh Shetkar, Vem Narender Reddy, Gopishetty Niranjan, Ramesh Mudiraj, Kumar Rao and Javed Ameer were appointed as new Vice Presidents of TPCC. Madhu Yashki was appointed as TPCC Campaign head and Syed Hazmutallah as its convenor. Damodar Rajanarasimha was appointed as Chairman of Election Management Committee and Maheshwar Reddy Aleti as Chairman of AICC programme implementation Committee.

For the first time in Congress history, an exercise was held last year to elect a PCC president based on the opinion of state leaders on the suggestion of Rahul Gandhi. The exercise, conducted by Manickam Tagore recorded the views of about 170 leaders.

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Will keep up Sonia, Rahul Gandhi aspirations: Revanth
After being appointed as new TPCC president, Revanth Reddy addressed the media. He said he will keep up the aspirations of Sonia and Rahul Gandhi and will work with the cadre. Komatireddy is our family member and said he will work with cooperation of elders and senior leaders of the party. Congress will stand with people when they are in trouble and will fight against anarchy being perpetrated by TRS, Revanth said. He further added that he will reveal the future plans after discussing with seniors. Congress party is like a family and all will work together after discussions, Revanth expressed hope.

From RSS to TPCC Chief
Anumala Revanth Reddy was an RSS ideologist by birth and worked in ABVP during his student life. He completed graduation in AV College, Domalaguda, of OU and first won as ZPTC of Midjil in 2006. From 2007 to 09 he was elected as MLC. With the call of Chandrabbau Naidu, Revanth joined TDP in 2009 and won twice as MLA from Kodangal constituency. In 2017 he joined Congress party and was appointed as its Working President in 2018. He lost as MLA in 2018 assembly elections but won as MP from Malkajgiri Constituency.

From childhood to 2017 he fought against the Congress party as rival and surprisingly now he became chief of the same party. Revanth

Perfect Plan
Revanth started to execute his work by coming into public in the name of various yatras. Even at Achempeta, he made his followers make a statement urging him to start Paadayatra to Hyderabad. This was supported by MLA Anasuya (Seethakka) and Vamsi Krishna( party leader). Revanth said that he will accept the public demand and convert his deeksha into paadayatra with a statement that, ‘How can I go home in car to my residence and sleep when so many farmers are in favour of paadayatra. I have the courage to fight for four crore people of Telangana and the strength is given by people of Nallamala region,’ Revanth said. He demanded TRS government to pass a resolution in Assembly against the three farm laws. He is the only person who can fight against KCR or KTR, he is young and dynamic when compared to other leaders in the Congress, say his followers. Revanth is planning for paadayatra in Telangana in coming days as TPCC Chief. He met senior leaders Jana Reddy, Shabbir Ali and Bhatti after he was appointed as TPCC president.

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Hurdles in front for Revanth
Revanth has many hurdles in front to reach his goal. He has to pacify seniors and bring them all in one line and achieve unity. He has to face strong ruling party, TRS and BJP parallelly. At the same time, he has to take care of the haunting case ’Vote for note scam’ to get elevated image. Another opposition party he has to contend with in coming days is ‘YSRTP’. We have to see how Revanth crosses all these hurdles and bring back glory to the Congress in Telangana state.


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