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TPCC Chief: It’s Revanth

  • Name in sealed cover
  • High Command to announce officially soon
  • Seniors opponents to be pacified

Hyderabad: The lobbying of Malkajgiri MP Revanth Reddy who is in Delhi for two weeks appears to have worked at the end of the day. As per Delhi sources, Congress High Command has cleared hurdles in the way of appointing Revanth Reddy as new TPCC Chief. Komatireddy Venkat Reddy, who is strong contender for post has been called to Delhi and asked to fall in line. All the senior leaders who are opposing Revanth have been assured of respectable positions in the party by the high command. Seniors will be accommodated as working presidents. On Tuesday, the high command has meet with Punjab CM Amarinder Singh and once the Punjab issue is out of the way, the announcement on Telangana PCC Chief will be officially made, say Delhi sources.

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Speculations were agog after Telangana state in-charge Manickam Tagore and two leaders who are competing for the post arrived in Delhi last week. For the first time in the history of the Congress, an exercise was held last year to elect a PCC president based on the opinion of state leaders on the suggestion of Rahul Gandhi. The exercise, conducted by Manickam Tagore recorded the views of about 170 leaders.

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Among them are state MPs, MLAs, former MPs, former MLAs, district committee chairpersons and senior leaders of the state. However, AICC sources said that most of them mentioned Revanth Reddy’s name. It is learned that Tagore submitted a report to the the party high command proposing the names of some other leaders who are aspiring for the presidency along with the opinion of the majority leaders.

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