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GHMC Polls: TRS on Top, Congress last

  • Dissidents active in BJP and TRs, chances of exodus from either side
  • For withdrawal, only few hours left, final list by evening
  • TRS kick started campaign with road shows of Minister KTR

Hyderabad: In a few hours, most probably by 3 pm today, we will know the final candidates who are in the race for GHMC polls. There is only one week left for the campaign which is a very short period, particularly for the BJP and the Congress, which are yet to start their campaign on ground level. Major parties are relying on social media to attract voters in this short span with battle becoming primarily between ruling TRS, and the main opposition BJP

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TRS on Top

Ruling party is on top from the day one of the process, in announcing candidates, or in countering the opposition or in campaign. The ruling party was well prepared in advance with all the weapons like social media, establishing relations with dissidents in major divisions, coming up with publicity  across GHMC with the flexes, holdings about the development their govt. came up in last 5 years. When all opposition parties are yet to finalize their campaign period, KTR had kick-started road shows. The loss in recent bypoll in Dubbaka made CM and TRS cadre alert. TRS leaders used to say that the BJP is not at all their opponent and win for them is a cakewalk. They don’t want to give chance once again to opposition and for this they are using social media platform to counter BJP’s allegations against them. On social media such as Face book, Twitter, and WhatsApp, TRS is coming up with messages, that to vote for them amounts voting  for the development of Hyderabad. Party released a presentation stating  that they  developed the city with Rs. 67,000 crore in past 5 years.

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BJP in successful streak

This is only party in the country which was successful in coming into power with the help of major social media campaigns. Party has yet to start their campaign on ground, but it came up on social media for GHMC with a slogan “BJP FOR CHANGE”. Party’s IT wing is ready with counters and reencounters for the opponents who are working like an army round the clock..

Congress is unprepared

The Congress party appears to be not expecting much benefit in GHMC polls. Even in recent bypoll in Dubbaka it fared badly which caused disillusionment among the cadre at GHMC level. Party star campaigners may plunge into campaign from Sunday with Mohd. Azahuruddin, Anjanikumar Yadav to hold rallies across the city. Recent exodus of former MP Sarve Satynanarayana into BJP and speculation that a few more are about to join with him, may push party into 4th place in GHMC race,

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Social Media, top campaigner for all parties

Both TRS and BJP took the election seriously with former saying that the people are with them and latter saying anti-incumbency is more against the  ruling party than what appears on the surface. The BJP wants to continue its winning streak and for this it is using national issues after  KCR declared war against the ruling party at national level At GHMC level, BJP is taking up local civic issues, promises and failures of TRS and their cadre service during Covid-19 outbreak. BJP IT wing collected centralized data about Hyderabad city who eclare that they are in a state of war to remove the dynasty rule in the State. BJP’s IT wing manager Abhishek is fully involved in this move.

TRS came to know about the power of social media and now it is coming up with trained army to counter claims of BJP which is looked after  by Krishank, in charge of TRS’ social media. They are also promoting the allegation that the  central government did not give any aid to the state. They know that BJP is a national party and response on social media will be huge when compared to regional party, TRS, which now has smaller reach.

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All parties are approaching consultants for the campaigns along with their own team. There is only a week time and both parties know very well that it is not sufficient to meet each and every voter twice or thrice and to explain why they should vote for them.

One thing is clear, as of now, the TRS is on top at ground level campaign and the BJP is on top in social media as usual.

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