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GHMC Polls: Can BJP hit Hattrick?

  • BJP plans and strategies are different
  • Eyeing on Hat Trick to give a  jolt to TRS
  • Mayor Seat not the goal for the party
  • The BJP humbled Kavitha and Harish, will it beat KTR too?

Ashwani Kumar Eturu

Hyderabad: The main strategy of saffron party looks to be little different at ground level. It is something not visible to the naked eye.  The BJP leaders know very well that winning Mayor Seat is a bit difficult without AIMIM or any other party’s help. The party cannot have relationship with MIM since it is a greater rival than the TRS.

Ex-officio Votes  

BJP knows very well that they have to win 99 seats to hoist flag on Golconda khilla for Mayor Seat.  Out of 202 Electoral seats (150 GHMC+52 Ex-officio), party should get 102 to sit on the chair of Grater Hyderabad Mayor. The 52 ex-officio members include MLAs, MPs and MLCs and others. Ruling TRS is in driver’s seat with 38 ex-officio members and if it could win just 64 divisions in GHMC, they will be placed comfortably.  Even if it failed to get past 60, its ally AIMIM has 10 ex-officio votes and if ex-officio votes controlled by  both the parties are added it would come to (38+10) 48. They just need 54 seats, which is easy for TRS to get with the help of AIMIM.

BJP knows very well about these mathematical calculations and that they have to win 99 seats out of 150 as they have only three ex-officio members.

BJP’s Strategy

Psychological mind game is as important in politics  as vigorous campaigning.  BJP had defeated TRS party twice in mindgame earlier when it won Nizamabad Lok Sabha  seat in 2019 (Not an easy task to beat  KCR’s daughter Kavitha) and Dubbaka in 2020 (not a walkover  against proven strategist such as Harish Rao) and now to increase seats and vote share (to hit KTR). All these steps are in preparation to the next assembly elections.  Ground work in all districts of Telangana has been undertaken utilizing every opportunity in a planned way, not leaving old city AIMIM bastion too.

Road map is well designed by top party leaders and till now it was  efficiently  executed by the cadre, particularly after Bandi Sanjay took over as president of  the TBJP.

CM’s change in pitch

Chief Minister Kalvakuntla Chandrasekhar Rao(KCR), had got a jolt with the Dubbaka defeat  and as per  reliable  party sources, he understood that the BJP has been  gaining momentum across state. As soon as he sensed the surge in the BJP, there was a change in pitch of his comments  aimed at Prime Minister Narendra Modi. There is no need to criticise the PM in GHMC elections, but the frustration and ire were clearly visible when the chief minister declared that the opposition platform would be organized by him in Hyderabad itself. He also repeated the same ideas aired by him before 2019 Lok Sabha elections, such as  meeting the national opposition leaders and floating a Third  Front or  Federal Front. The raised pitch indicates that the TRS in on the back foot in GHMC elections.


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