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GHMC Polls: Politics of polarization will not help

  • Bandi Sanjay comments on CM put BJP on the back foot
  • CM’s tirade against PM is not appreciated by people.
  • BJP should shed overconfidence in the wake of Dubbaka triumph

Hyderabad: BJP’s win of Dubbaka has many reasons, but taking Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation elections for  granted and moving in a style that is not congenial to Hyderabad politics may push them into deep trouble. This is the danger the saffron leaders should ward off.

People did not appreciate the sharp comments made by the chief minister against the prime minister either. Generally, the people expect the leaders to talk about local issues in elections to local bodies. Telangana chief minister talking about the third front and mobilizing the anti—BJP forces was not welcomed by the people of Hyderabad. They want their problems to be discussed and solutions found.

Mistake after mistake

The scenario until two days back was a very positive trend showing saffron party going strong in GHMC poll but tongue slip by its leaders, particularly by TBJP President Bandi Sanjay against CM K. Chandrasekhar Rao (KCR) and dissidents rising their  voice in few divisions may hamper the momentum for a while. Bandi Sanjay coming out with a serious allegation against KCR that he has terrorist’s links was received negatively by public. Statements like this during campaign cannot be reversed and when the momentum that the party has gained, they should move with utmost care keeping in mind the public mood.

Mixed reaction to Sanjay’s show at Bhagyalakshmi temple

Today, TBJP President’s move at Bhagyalakshmi temple to state under oath that the signature on the letter circulating in his name was forged had mixed reaction. Some observers said it is clever move to corner KCR who cannot visit the temple to give a statement under oath like the Opposition leader. Some people may believe that KCR had got the letter forged. Introducing the element of goddess and religion in political discourse is a move that would not be appreciated by the people of Hyderabad who hate communal strife. BJP cannot campaign in Hyderabad as they do in Lucknow or Patna. Aggressive politics may not succeed here.

Aggressive mode uncalled for

BJP should come out of the aggressive mode in GHMC polls. This is very important for the party’s growth and win. Prime Minister Narendra Modi with the ban on Triple Talaaq has been trying to get the support of Muslim women. The same path should be followed by the leaders of saffron party in Hyderabad.

Polarization not required  

Polarization on communal lines is not required in Hyderabad. The people are looking for a change with their vote in GHMC elections. But if the BJP show is run on communal lines, they will certainly be pushed into deep trouble as people of Hyderabad are looking for development rather than this type of politics which they forgot long ago.

Constructive agenda

It is better to come up with a healthy campaign with a constructive agenda for Hyderabad development with solutions to the problems faced by the public. Parties can talk about development schemes, funds to be released for GHMC development and the tax share for the Centre and the State. Voters’ pulse is totally different from the perception of the local BJP leaders.  People are fed up with issues unrelated to development.


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