Tuesday, July 16, 2024

GHMC Poll: 20 Nominations filed on Day One

  • Expecting maximum on Thursday
  • TRS and BJP to lure main leaders fromboth parties
  • No candidates for BJP, claims Minister Talasani

Hyderabad: On day one of filing nominations for 150 wards in GHMC, 17 candidates filed 20 nominations separately, with TRS 6, BJP 2, Congress3, TDP 5, and Independents 3.

Nomination process started on Wednesday, the 18th, and will end on 20th, Friday, and all arrangements for the process are made by EC without any problem as the time is only 3 days for the candidates to file nominations. Only two members are allowed along with candidate and heavy security is deployed at centers. 150 centers are provided for nominations for 150 wards.

There were flexis and banners seen in greater zone and SEC ordered to remove them immediately as election code is in place since yesterday evening. Nearly 5000 flexies have been removed by GHMC officials till Wednesday evening.

No candidates for BJP: Minister Talasani

TRS Minister Talasani felt that there are no candidates to file and so it was waiting for exodus from other parties. ”If they are confident about their win, why are they depending on other party’s candidates, they would have announced in a day?” Questioned Talasani. He said the fight will be between TRS and Congress and BJP is not in frame. He said TRS is only party which developed Hyderabad and Telangana.

TRS waiting for Opportunity: TRS is waiting for the announcement of candidates by BJP. There is talk that nearly 25 sitting corporators will lose the chance of fighting second time and TRS is taking care that there will be no revolt from the sitting members after they were denied tickets. Opposition BJP is also looking for TRS party announcement of the list of candidates so that it can lure the dissidents.


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