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GHMC Polls: Can BJP win BC vote bank?

  • BCs  to decide winners in majority wards
  • BJP pins hopes on their votes
  • Wooing BC leaders from other parties

Hyderabad: As per the caste formula in upcoming GHMC polls, after Muslim voters, BCs are expected  to play the key role in deciding the fate of candidates in major divisions. Keeping that option in mind, all parties are trying to woo them either with scheme offers or by giving tickets to that community. Yadav’s, Mudiraj’s and Munnuru Kapus are present in large numbers in  mody parts of Hyderabad. Joining of Bikshapathi Yadav and his son Ravi Yadav of the Congress in BJP sounds the same.

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BJP is well supported by Munnuru Kapus in Nizamabad and Karimnagar parliamentary constituencies who made BJP’s win easy in the 2019 contests. BJP is relying more on these communities to balance the lack of Muslim vote bank. For this saffron party started mind game a few days back in GHMC elections. They had a word with Swamy Goud (former Chairman of Telangana Legislative Council). The talks have been kept on the hold for now. They were almost successful in bringing Vijaya Shanthi (not officially announced yet) and former MP Sarve Satyanarayana into their fold. List of candidates  finalized by BJP also includes these communities along with Gouds. This is part of the mindgame by saffron leaders to push the voters into believing  that BCs are backing the BJP to the hilt  and there will be no split in these communities’ vote bank.

BJP eyeing other Caste leaders too

Along with these communities, BJP is trying to poach Reddy community too to come to their side. LB Nagar TRS leader Jitta Surender Reddy,  main followers of Congress MP Revanth Reddy, Kasam Reddy and  Koppula Narasimha Reddy, Ex Mayor Banda Karthika Reddy all followed suit. Speculations about Konda Visweswara Reddy joining BJP has been going on for some time, but he did not confirm.

BJP is mainly targeting 80 seats in the name of’ ‘Operation 80’. Their slogan is old city Vs rest of the city to reach the goal in GHMC elections. MIM is all set to win in 40 plus wards out of 150 which can’t be stopped as they look to be attached to their vote bank. But MIM picking up seats in new city like Motinagar, kacheguda, Jubilee Hills, Banjara Hills, is a worrying factor for the saffron party. They want to restrict MIM to old city and all cadre are focusing to stop the entry of MIM into their bastions in the city.

BJP, which won only 4 seats in the 2016 elections are aiming high this time, using anti- incumbency sentiment among the voters against the TRS. The saffron party has been in an  aggressive mood with the hard-earned win in Dubbaka,

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