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Rahul was on picnic: RJD attacks congress

  • Congress benefitting BJP, Sonia should step in
  • Shivanand Tiwari(RJD) hits out on Rahul
  • RJD should ‘scrutiny’ itself, congress hits back

Patna: After Bihar election results, the rift between the RJD and the Congress got widened with both parties blaming each other for the defeat in Bihar. Senior leader of RJD, Shivanand Tiwari had hit back  on leadership of Rahul Gandhi and his campaign strategy during elections.

Rahul Gandhi responsible for the loss

RJD leader felt that Rahul Gandhi should hold responsibility for the loss they had in Bihar elections. While campaign is in brisk pace, Rahul Gandhi was on picnic with Priyankaji at Shimla, is this the way National party’s leader should behave? Tiwari said. He went on to say that allegations that congress is benefitting BJP should be levelled based on the moments of National leaders of congress party.

Congress contested for 70 seats but campaigned 3 days

Congress has fielded 70 candidates, but held campaign for only 3 days, they should hold atleast 70 rallies, but they didn’t. Priyanka Gandhi also did not attend for a single rally. People who are unfamiliar with Bihar came for campaign, Tiwari said quoting Kapil Sibal.

Modi, the game changer

Credit goes to PM Narendra Modi for the win of NDA alliance. He is 10 to 15 years older than Rahul Gandhi, but he was successful in attending more rallies and turning voters towards to his side, Tiwari further added. He said congress party contested for 70 seats in Bihar but failed to pick minimal seats or the RJD should have been in power. They were mainly responsible for the loss, even in Maharastra, it happened with NCP and in UP with Akhilesh, if they run like this with alliance, we should believe that congress is benefiting BJP at National level, Tiwari said curtly.

Sonia Gandhi should step in

At a time when the Congress is slipping from politics in the past, Sonia Gandhi as working president ,with her hard work, put the party back on track. Now it is time for her to step in or else history will remember that weakness of Congress has helped the BJP to strengthen its presence, said Tiwari.

There was severe criticism against Rahul Gandhi from congress leaders too. Senior leaders like P.L.Punia felt that the party should revive new ideas to face BJP.

RJD should scrutinise itself

Congress hit back on comments against it by RJD. Congress leader Anil Kumar said that RJD should do self-introspection instead of blaming others. Blaming any other party or caste for not being able to form the government of the grand alliance, is futile,” Anil said on Twitter.

RJD should change its strategy like BSP to form an absolute majority government in the state in future. Instead of doing vote bank politics, the party should think about society as a whole, Anil’s twitter reads.

Young leader Tejaswi yadav fought in his own style, campaigned vigorously without any seniors’ help and brought RJD back into limelight when his father Lalu was in jail and unwell. The difference between RJD alliance and NDA was just 12,500 votes which shows how tough the  election in Bihar was.


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