Thursday, July 18, 2024

SC judge recuses himself from Jagan case

  • Justice Lalit exempted himself from case
  • He says that he argued for litigant in the past
  • Transfer case to other bench of Apex court, says Justice Lalit

Amaravati: The opposition party’s eyes are on Supreme Court hearing on contempt case of their state CM Jagan Mohan Reddy on Monday. They strongly felt that hearing will be against CM and there might be political tremors in the state. But Supreme Court Judge Justice Lalit refused to take up the case and stepped aside.

He exempted himself from the case quoting that he argued for the litigant in the past and suggested that the case can be transferred to other bench of the Apex court for further proceedings. Bench, consisting of three Judges, justice lalit, Justice Umesh and Justice Uday was supposed to hear the case today after a PIL was filed by Sunil Kumar Singh, Ashwani Kumar and GS Mani. PIL prayed that CM be removed from the chair as he made baseless allegations against sitting Judge of Supreme Court and also judges of High Court of the state.

Petitioners strongly felt that CBI investigation should be done on the allegations made by CM who is facing serious charges of money laundering and corruptions.

Meanwhile YCP rebel MP Raghurama krishnam Raju, few days back came up with comments on CM that, he should face dire consequences over the letter against Supreme Court Judge. RaghuRama felt that hearing will be against Jagan and new CM will come to state after 16th.


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