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PM Modi reminds Gurazaada words on Vaccination launch speech

  • World’s largest vaccination drive starts
  • Modi addresses people of India virtual before launch of vaccine
  • Reminds Telugu poet ‘Gurazaada Apparao’s words in his speech

New Delhi: The world’s biggest vaccination drive for COVID 19 will start in India in few minutes from now. PM said that country is entering into ‘decisive phase’ and probably the beginning of the end of COVID 19. Over 3 lakh Health Care workers will be inoculated today across country. Vaccines will be available at cheaper rates in India without the necessity of being stored at extremely low temperatures. People of India should not neglect precautions against the disease at any cost, said Modi. He congratulated the citizens at the start of his speech and called it as HISTORIC as scientists came up with vaccine after months of sleepless and prolonged effort.

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Modi Reminds Gurazaada Appa rao’s words:

In his speech, Modi remembered Telugu peot Gurazaada Appa rao. He said” Desamante Mattikaadoy, Desamante manushuloye” as said by Telugu poet, we should remember that country not just the dust but it consists of people, Modi said. We all should congratulate scientists for their work. Naturally to develop vaccine, it will take time, but vaccines against COVID 19 were developed in a record time. This is a testimony to the scientific talent of our country, Modi further said.

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The containers of vaccines reached states and UT’s two days before the launch of vaccine. All containers were written with “MAY ALL BE FREE OF ILLNESS” by the Government of India. It is a proud moment for Indians with wishes pouring in across world .

India’s vaccines are built on technology that is tried and tested in India. These vaccines adapt to Indian conditions. They will give India decisive victory in the fight against Corona, PM said. Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan reviewed preparedness for nationwide vaccination drive.

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