Wednesday, May 22, 2024

AP BJP wooing Kapu leaders to gain strength

• BJP-Jana Sena focusing on Kapu community
• Caste based politics reach peak in AP
• BJP leaders meet Mudragada Padmanabham at his house

Amarvati: BJP in AP is mainly focusing on Kapu leaders irrespective of parties they are in. They knew well that majority of Kamma community and BCs are still with TDP and Reddy community, SCs, STs are backing YCP. The BJP partner Jana Sena has some vote bank among Kapus and BJP wants to strengthen through operation with Kapu leaders encouragingvtheir exoduses into party.

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Mudragada Padmanbaham from Kiralampudi is well known Kapu leader who has been fighting for reservations for kapu community by recognising then as BCs. He is a senior leader who worked in the TDP and the Congress by being a minister in both the dispensations handling many portfolios including excise. He had a good wavelength with former AP BJP President Kanna Lakshminarayana also. AP BJP President Somu Veerrajju met him at his residence on Saturday. Though they say it is formal and no politics was discussed between them, political analysts feel that BJP president invited Mudragada into their party.

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AP State BJP opines that, if Mudragada joins, they can convince other Kapu leaders also. Few names like Padala Aruna and Kala Venkat Rao are circulating with speculations that they may join BJP in near future. Kala Venkat Rao, who was president of TDP’s AP unit, has denied the news and said he will be with TDP. But East and West Godavari districts have strong Kapu vote bank and whichever party gets lead in these districts usually forms the Government. That has been the tradition and belief in political parties from from long ago.

Tirupati by elections are due in short span and Kapu vote bank is high in that Lok Sabha constituency. .BJP and Jana Sena want to prove they are the only viable alternative to the ruling YCP. State BJP leaders have a plan to pull Kapu heads before the election date is announced for by-poll. We have to see whether this formula fetches BJP in future or not.

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