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Handling Education

Rajendra Singh Baisthakur

  1.  Education is the least preferred among ministries. Further, education and culture were left in the hands of Leftists whose main motto was to replace the existing system with a society of workers.
  •  Education was a state subject. Indira Gandhi with 42nd Amendment brought education into Concurrent List. So, now, Modi could bring in National Education Policy (NEP).
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  •  Govt does not have funds to build all schools and colleges. In AP till the time of CM Janardhan Reddy there were not many totally private schools or colleges. Entrance exams for Engineering and Medicine put education in the hands of coaching Centres which later turned to +2 colleges whose aim is profit only. They popularised the concept of ranks.
  •  Bribing the School Inspectors and nexus between teachers and village  President for mutual benefit are the pests at the root of education in government schools. It was okay if a teacher does not go to school daily or doesn’t teach. He should help the local President during elections. Added to this every year final exams are removed. So both teachers and students relaxed.
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  •  We had library, craft, drawing, PT, moral classes too which helped in growing a wholesome personality unlike the unfeeling robot like doctors and others of today. Feeling for others is removed from education by removing these from curriculum.
  •  Edn is to sharpen the inborn intelligence to understand the happenings in the world around. For that dumping information is foolish. These days more info is available on net. So much of syllabus is totally unwarranted. It makes no difference whether you solve four sums or forty of a kind. That is why earlier we never had any sizable homework. Today homework and projects are done mostly by parents!
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  • I hold parents as accused no.1 and the corporate school as no.2 in cases of suicide. A child is brought up with so much love that parents never say no to any of his acts even when he is wrong. Thereby the child never learns to take ‘no’ as an answer. He is admitted in schools and colleges where he does not have capacities to cope up with the syllabus. They are forced to get ranks which results in tension and consequent failure  which leads to frustration. Remember the third one in the movie “3 Idiots”. The movie is truthful replica of present education system in which talent is killed or forced to jump from the roof top because of tension and frustration. 25% of my Engg students joined the course by force of their parents and as fees is paid by government. They just treat it as happy time at the cost of government. Many others feel that it is relaxing time after gruesome +2. Only 15% get jobs with some talent. Modi’s Skill Development Centres are a move to correct this.
  • Profits from educational institutions should be taxed. That would check the proliferation of colleges. But will this happen as most of the institutions are of politicians.
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Rajendra Singh Baisthakur
Rajendra Singh Baisthakur
Rajendra Singh Baisthakur had been a Lecturer in English. He is a poet, critic and translator. His interests are Literature, Philosophy and social media.



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