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Bowenpally Kidnap case: New name and twist in the case

  • Bhuma Akhilapriya was remanded for 14 days
  • Akhilapriya’s brother Vikyath Reddy was in the spot on kidnap day
  • New name Siddhartha of Vijayawada included

Hyderabad: Bowenpally kidnap case took turns and twist with new names coming out in investigation. As per the sources, Sidhhartha from Vijayawada used to supply bouncers for Bhuma family whenever they visit places like Guntur, Vijayawada and Vizag. One day Bhargav Ram made a call to Sidhhartha that IT raids are going on in Hyderabad and as there was no man power for him, requested Siddartha to send staff. Along with 20 persons, Siddartha reached Hyderabad and acted as IT officials and kidnapped three persons. Until the act od kidnapping was completed, Siddartha, Bhargav Ram and his brother Chandrahaas were present in the scene. Later Siddartha and his team fled to Vijayawada, Goa. Police are now hunting for Siddartha, who was absconding from day one of the kidnapping incident.

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The whole episode was guided by Akhilapriya from Lodha apartment in KPHB Colony. All were trained at Bhargav Ram’s parents’ house in Yousufguda. Now police are filing cases on Bhargav Ram’s parents and on his brother Chandrahaas. So far police arrested 12 members in connection with the case and are questioning at a secret place. SIM cards, mobile phones, and fake number plates were seized by police which were used during Kidnap.

No involvement of AP Government:

There is clear indication that there was no involvement of AP Government in this case as alleged by Akhilapriya’s sister Mounika Reddy a few days ago. This is not even a witch-hunt or political vendetta against them as per police sources. The story was related to land dispute in Hafeezpet which has been going on for a few years between Praveen Rao’s family and Bhuma’s family. The script was written by Akhilapriya and executed by her husband Bhargav.

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TDP Silent:

TDP leaders who used to raise voice on AP CM Jagan Mohan Reddy on every small incident were silent on this issue. TDP leaders even did not come to console Akhilapriya because they know very well that the case is an internal matter and Akhilapriya was involved in the conspiracy. Either Lokesh or Chandrababu Naidu did not give a single statement on the issue, this shows how opposition leader looks after his leaders, said a senior TDP politician from Ananthpur district, who is looking towards YCP.

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Akhilapriya was remanded for 14 days and was moved to Chanchalaguda jail after police officials conducted tests including COVID. After her reports indicated she is fine, she was moved to prison and it is difficult for her to get bail in short span as evidences are strong against her. Her brother Vikyath reddy’s name was also added in the case sheet and soon may be taken into custody.


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