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Y.S. Sharmila: Prepared to confront Jagan

• Will float party, will do paadayatra
• KCR abandoned welfare of the people and confined to farm house
• Who said I am not citizen of Telangana?
• I am not an arrow released by any one
• Sharmila opens out in media chitchat

Hyderabad: Y. S. Sharmila said on Wednesday here that she was a child of Telangana and no one has a right to question about it. She confidently, repeatedly, said that she will float a party and will do paadayatra in Telangana in coming days. She interacted with media people after addressing students who came from different Universities of Telangana in support of her. Here are a few points she said in media chit chat…

KCR abandoned welfare of people

Sharmila strongly came down on Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao. She said, KCR, was confined and limited to farm house when Corona pandemic was severe in the state. He even could not stop the exploitation by private hospitals in the treatment. Aragyasree scheme was diluted by KCR’s government, Sharmila said. CM KCR copied schemes introduced by late Y. S Rajasekhar Reddy when he was the CM of the United Andhra Pradesh. Are there any new schemes introduced by KCR, she questioned. It is better to give jobs to people instead of giving sheep and befellows, she suggested.

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None can question my Telangana credentials

I don’t know why politicians are raising doubts about my Telangana credentials. I am a pakka Telangana child. She responded sharply on this issue pointing out that KCR and Vijashanthi by questioning about their place of birth.”Where were they born,” she asked.

I was a child of Telangana for three reasons. I was born and brought up in Telangana. My husband Anil belongs here and I also begot and raised my children here. Why don’t I have the right to float a party here? She quoted example of late Jayalalitha. Everyone knows where Jayalalitha was born and how she became the CM of Tamil Nadu, Sharmila said. No one has the right to question my locality and I have inseparable connection with Hyderabad, She said.

I am not an arrow released by someone

Sharmila clarified that she was not an arrow released by any one. She said that her brother, AP CM, did not want her to launch a political party in Telangana. I have the support of my husband, Anil, and mother, Vijayamma. There were no personal differences between me and my brother, we have only political differences that too regarding launching of a party, Sharmila said. I am ready to confront Jagan, I will fight against my brother if necessary in the interest of Telangana, Sharmila said. From Polavaram to Potireddypaadu, I will fight against Anna for the sake of the development of Telangana state, Sharmila said.

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Where is YCP in Telangana?

There is no YCP in Telangana. I decided to float party in August last year. The party would welcome anyone who comes and Jagan started his party from Lotus Pond and I too will do the same. The announcement of new political party will be made soon and details of spokespersons will be revealed within a week, Sharmila said. I will do paadayatra in Telangana and visit the families of martyrs along the way, she said.


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