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Its Pawan Vs Sharmila In Telangana

• Pawan plans to expand Jana Sena in Telangana
• Why this sudden move by Pawan? Who is behind this?
• Is this intended to counter Sharmila?

Hyderabad: Jana Sena Chief Pawan Kalyan is planning to jump into the fray of Telangana politics once again. This is not the first time he did so. In fact, the party won first MPTC seat in Telangana State, few years back. After that, party is not seen anywhere active after Pawan Kalyan concentrated on AP politics and films. Once again in 2020 December, Pawan was seen talking about GHMC elections. He gave a statement that his party will contest for a few seats along with BJP, later he dropped the plan to avoid split in votes between the two allies.

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Pawan wants to test his luck again in Telangana

After Sharmila announced her entry into politics in Telangana state, Pawan Kalyan too wants to test his luck once again. He welcomed Sharmila’s party in Telangana and her entry into politics, at the same time, he expressed that Jana Sena will expand its activities in Telangana too in coming days. He held meeting in Hyderabad in the name of Jana Sena Veera Mahila conference a few days back declaring that Jana Sena was born on Telangana soil. He also said that the reason for not expanding party in Telangana is because of respect for the sentiment of people of Telangana State. He expressed happiness over the solution to Flurosis problem in Nalgonda and said, jana Sena strongly stood by the people of Nalgonda district at that time.
Exactly at the time of BJP’s surge in Telangana and Sharmila’s entry with a plan to launch a new party, Pawan is planning to step onto Telangana soil. This timing is a big concern for existing political parties in the State, who are in a dilemma about Pawan’s move. Will Jana Sena cut votes of TRS or indirectly help TRS rather than the BJP is the question mark faced by the political analysts at this moment.

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Difference between Pawan and Sharmila

Sharmila, after expressing her interest to enter the fray, started meetings with leaders of different districts and organisations. She met leaders of student unions, Aadivasis, farmers, and on the eve of World’s Women Day on March 8, she is organizing a meet with women cadre at Lotus Pond. She is trying to know the ground realty before floating party on April 9 at Khammam. Sharmila is banking on her father’s sentiment and taking help of her mother Vijayalakshmi. She has a serious plan of paadayatra in Telangana during mid hot summer and all these surely will impress Telangana people in coming days.

On the other hand, Jana Sena Chief, who has charisma with film backdrop as an actor could not run consistent politics in Andhra Pradesh until now. He could not prove that he is a serious politician too. In politics you may win or lose, but the seriousness of efforts will mark the difference at the end. If Pawan wants to run the show as in AP, it will be difficult for Jana Sena to impress even Telangana people too.

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  1. A very balanced and realistic analysis of Pawan Kalyan’s political progress. I wish he reads this. Mutual accusations and abuse have become the most trusted political strategies adopted nowadays. The politicians should realise that by kindling cheap emotions in people is not good for the country. Mutual respect among parties is what the common man expects in politics.


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