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Pawan Kalyan’s U-turn?

• Jana Sena Party may ditch BJP
• Pressure mounts on Pawan from cadre
• Pawan hints at the shift on party foundation day
• Rift widens between two parties

Amravati: Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan expressed anguish on TBJP leaders. He was addressing Jana Sena Party cadre on party’s foundation day held in Hyderabad on Sunday. Pawan took utmost care while criticizing Telangana BJP leaders by saying that BJP’s central high command is maintaining good relations with him. This sudden lash out on the leaders by Pawan is due to the party sympathizers urging him to rethink decision on allying with BJP in both Telugu states.

Recent Panchayat and Municipal polls results in AP showed a surge in Janasena in five districts when compared to 2019 assembly elections. Krishna, Guntur, East, West and Visakhapatnam districts favored Janasena when compared to TDP and BJP. This sudden increase in vote share is making Janasena leader to rethink about future.
TBJP senior leaders also used the name of Pawan in recent GHMC elections and never invited him for campaign at that time and also passed statements that without Pawan Charisma, BJP can do well. These statements irked Janasena cadre who felt it is better to go individual rather than allying with Saffron.

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Increase in Vote share, but no co-operation from Saffron

17% vote share in Panchayat poll is not an ordinary issue for a party like Janasena. There is clear indication that party is biting the vote bank of both TDP and ruling YCP in many districts. Cadre who are supporting party from 2014 got matured in all means and are fighting on streets with rock steady for their leader. There is unanimous support from Kapu community for Janasena, for the first time. Even the senior congress leaders are moving their cadre towards Janasena as they can’t see any hope in Congress.

On the other hand, party did not receive much support as expected from Saffron. There was no joint campaign seen in recent polls in many places and BJP has not that much cadre or vote bank as that of Janasena in Andhra Pradesh. Even CM Jagan Mohan Reddy is criticizing Janasena rather than BJP which proves that Pawan has more attracting mass power than BJP

What Shall Pawan do now?

Pawan, who always says that he respects the decision of cadre words, should go ahead individually without allying with any party. The decision by Central BJP heads that party will contest ion Tirupathi by poll is a severe blow to cadre as they are making ground arrangements for the campaign of their candidate. Even Janasena has strong vote bank than BJP in Tirupathi. Now the party workers on mounting pressure on Pawan to file a candidate for Tirupathi by poll from Janasena. This is to show their strength for BJP and to know their exact vote bank if they fight alone.

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Main rival TDP is also trying to get closer to Janasena, but cadre is only with word, “Pawan should fight alone and we are all with him”.

Enough is enough, we have seen a lot from 2014, we are writing letters and demanding our leader to fight alone irrespective of results, which will make us strong to face 2024 elections, says Amalapuram Janasena cadre. Lets wait for final decision of Pawan.


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