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AP Municipal Polls: It’s YSRCP Tsunami all over

  • TDP as good as decimated
  • No influence of Jana Sena-BJP alliance
  • Congress nowhere in picture

Amravati:  Election results indicate that it’s a clean sweep by the ruling YSRCP in all regions of Andhra Pradesh in Municipalities and Corporations. 11 out of 12 Corporations were swept by YCP. The counting for Eluru Municipal Corporation has not been taken up because of High Court order. Main rival TDP did a little bit well in GVMC, but the top chair is occupied by YSRCP in that corner too, which is said by ruling party that both Amravati people and Vizag voters welcomed the three capital decision of Government.

“We fought well despite rowdyism, threats, intimidation, abuse of power and inducements,” TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu claimed. Sadly for the TDP, it failed to make a mark in either Vijayawada or Guntur municipal corporations, which form part of the current capital region, Amaravati, where people have been opposing the capital trifurcation plan.

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TDP humiliated

Party pinned hopes mainly on Vijayawada and Guntur where people are opposing the trifurcation of capital. But the result was a severe blow for TDP which became a mute spectator after results were announced. Party should learn lessons on fighting against ruling party after seeing the results of Tadipatri and Mydukuru where JC .Prabhakar Reddy and D.L. Ravinder Reddy stood their ground when they faced political vendetta ( YCP doesn’t agree) and made their party win in their municipalities. That spirit is missing in the TDP leader and cadre.

Naidu helped YCP in his own way

Even after results were announced, TDP Supreme Chandrababu came on Twitter by saying that they fought well despite rowdyism, threats, intimidation, abuse of power and inducements. The reasons he said will always be seen in every elections by all parties. The main opposition leader should stand like a pillar, which did not happen in AP. The main opposition party leader, Naidu, was also one of the reasons that helped the landslide victory for YSRCP. His speeches did not go as expected, poor show by him at Amarvati and Vizag also made cadre dull and dim.

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BJP-Jana Sena, better to talk less about this alliance

The swords are not going to fit in a single socket as per the words of Jana Sena Chief Pawan Kalyan. On the day when graduate MLC elections are going in Telangana state, Pawan came up by saying that TBJP is not respecting his words and expressed anguish on the BJP leaders. He also moved a step forward by giving call to voters of Hyderabad to vote for TRS candidate.

At the same time, Vijayawada Jana Sena leader, Pothula Mahesh expressed that AP BJP leader also are  not cooperating with them and that was the main reason why the Jana Sena could not get more seats. The alliance doesn’t look strong and there will be no surprise if this gap widens in coming days.

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Jagan-one man show

After about two years of ruling, Jagan faced panchayat , muncipal and corporation elections. These are also held after a tug of war and exchange of words between SEC and Government. But the results clearly indicate that people expressed their profound  faith in Jagan’s government and in his decisions and schemes. Right now, there is no party visible in Andhra Pradesh that can counter or stand as opposition in front of YCP.

Until then everyone should say ‘Jaiho Jagan!’ for emerging as a solo winner across the state which is said to be one of the greatest victories in the history of Municipal elections in India.

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