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Naidu won’t give place for NTR Junior

  • No attention paid by Naidu to the demand to rope in NTR
  • NTR will give new lease of life to TDP
  • Kuppam roadshow by CBN provokes internal debate

Amravati: The three day visit by TDP Supremo, Chandrababu Naidu, in his native constituency, Kuppam, faced some tricky, troubling situations from his party workers. Naidu was on a tour to control the damage done during recent Panchayat polls for the party after ruling party, YCP dominated his bastion.

Particularly when road show reached Santhipuram Mandal of Kuppam, slogans were in the presence of Naidu demanding to bring back Tollywood star NTR (Jr) for road show. People raised their voice shouting “Jai NTR,” ”Jai Jai NTR.” Naidu as usual did not pay much attention to the slogans and continued with his show.

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‘Prime Post. In’ said the same in an article published a few days back with the heading “TDP: Will it be wiped out or bounce back in AP?” This was what happened during Naidus visit also.

Will Naidu entertain NTR?

Chandrababu Naidu wants to project his son Nara Lokesh rather than give place to NTR as per party sources. Even Chandrababu Naidu said the same in Kuppam that either he or his son Lokesh will visit Kuppam twice in a month, deliberately keeping NTR’s name aside. This indicates that Naidu has no idea of bringing NTR into TDP. Party activists erected flexes in Chittoor and Prakasm districts during pongal festival inviting NTR Jr into active politics to give a new lease of life to the TDP in 2024 elections. Some party activists felt that if he is projected as next CM candidate, party will definitely have bright future and can counter the strong ruling party, YCP.

But Naidu is totally unwilling to give his nod to NTR as he has more craze than anyone in the party at the present situation. NTR previously toured on behalf of the TDP in 2009 and received huge response from public when compared to Naidu and Balakrishna’s road shows. Naidu has bad experience about this. He is keen on promoting Lokesh to the top oosition rather than giving opportunity to Tollywood hero, NTRs grandson, NTR Jr. Party cadres strongly feel that this is not going to work in near future also.

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Will NTR accept?

As per his close aides, NTR Jr will not enter politics right now. Upto 2029, he is totally focusing on films rather dabbling than politics. After demise of his father, Hari Krishna, NTR along with his brother Kalyan Ram, is spending much time with family and has been maintaining a distance from politics. NTR’s fans strongly feel that his father, Harikrishna, was humiliated in TDP and this may be one of the reasons why NTR wants to maintain distance from the party as per his fans.

TDP’s future dim?

If the same scenario continues, party’s future is nor very rosy, say party activists of Chittoor, Prakasam and Nellore districts . Running the show with Naidu and Lokesh at the helm would not secure votes in 2024. Hundreds of activists chanting slogans of NTR shows his popularity in the party. Naidu who remained silent during road show should open mouth before the party sinks deeper, is the strong feeling of party cadre.

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