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Panchayat Polls: What does it mean for BJP-Jana Sena alliance?

Amaravati: AP Panchayat Polls completed three phases of polling and results were out. The mandate is clear with ruling party YSRCP sweeping almost 2/3 of the seats across the state. But the sudden surge of Jana Sena in major panchayats is a big surprise for pollsters. The alliance partner BJP fared badly when compared to Jana Sena. The BJP could not win even 10 Sarpanch posts. This raises question mark about the future of BJP in AP. With main rival TDP getting wiped out in each and every district, including its main bastion, Kuppam, can Jana Sena replace it and come forward as an alternative to YSRCP in state? Does it really require BJP as an alliance partner? Or can it fight alone and secure more seats?

Jana Sena surge in Panchayat Polls

Pawan kalyan’s Jana Sena fared remarkably in rural areas during Panchayat elections. When YCP is going single handedly in a winning streak, Jana Sena has applied breaks in many districts like  Uttarandhra, West , East Godavari , Rayalaseema( particularly in Railwaykoduru), Krishna. The results so far have proved that Jana Sena has strong hold at village level. The party which got less than 6% votes in 2019 assembly elections came back strongly in Panchayat polls and showed its presence by getting 18% vote share in first phase and 22% in third phase. The dramatic increase in vote share surprised all and stood in second place  nearly 1500 panchayats. What does it mean? Pawan Kalyan is slowly coming into race as a creeper from grassroot level, say pollsters. People of AP have seen TDP and YCP and have no faith on BJP and are tilting towards Jana Sena. But can this run up to assembly elections and can Pawan sustain the tempo  for three more years?

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BJP lost people’s faith

AP people have no faith in the BJP says analysts. Change of stand on Amaravati, Polavaram Project and recent statement on privatisation of Steel plant showed a lot of negative impact on the BJP. Even senior leaders in the party could not give a proper, genuine statement on Vizag Steel Plant. How will voters support it, said a strong supporter of BJP from Vizag. The failed attempt of Rath Yatra after Ramatheertham incident, lackluster leadership of Somu Veeraajju as AP BJP president are clearly visible. People strongly believe that BJP and YCP have secret ties and they don’t support the party in future too and BJP has no place in state, say voters of Krishna, Guntur districts. TDP leaders are looking toward to the BJP and it will be TDP-2 in future and what is the use of moving with BJP, instead we are looking toward to Jana Sena, said a kapu leader from Guntur district.

Amit Shah into action

Knowing about the facts on ground level, Central Home Minister and BJP’s bigwig Amit Shah decided to swing into action as per party sources. Amit Shah will visit Tirupati on March 4 and will have meet with party leaders on 5th to decide party’s candidate for upcoming Tirupati by poll. Jana Sena strongly feels that it has more vote share than the BJP and community in large at Tirupati, Settibalihja, will support it, if Jana Sena fields a candidate rather than BJP.

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Jana Sena needs BJP or later depends on former?

At the present scenario, Jana Sena can fight alone and secure more seats rather than by going with BJP, says a strong supporters of Jana Sena.  The party which allied with TDP in 2014 and later with communist parties is now with Saffron, but we are ready to request our leader to go it alone in coming elections. There is anti incumbency on TDP and BJP in state and if Pawan goes into fight without any alliance, it is better for him and party, felt another fan from Nellore district.

It is clear now that the BJP is in need of Jana Sena rather than Pawan going with BJP. It is the fact from the ground level report, and the decision is left to Jana Sena chief to think about his future politics.

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