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BJP south intentions (TS, AP) and conflicts within

Recent election in Karnataka may have shown BJP’s stature in Indian politics in a negative way but people also have to observe that the loyal BJP voters (36%) have made their statement. This still shows BJP’s mass appeal in the society. Nevertheless, we have to consider caste and religion politics here. As BJP witnessed a downfall of 40 percent seats from 116 to 65. There is a clear conscience of religion break up here. It’s a sign to predict what BJP’s revamping plan will be.

Modi’s image in regional politics isn’t helping out the assembly elections. This is not a statement now; this is a fact. Looking at how Karnataka elections turned out, if BJP doesn’t learn its lesson and distance itself from this tactic, differences in regional leadership may crop up.

The heated atmosphere in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh on ground has clearly indicated the start of political dogma. Rise of BJP in Telangana and increase in individual desires of people may add fuel to ruling parties vote bank. It’s an air to fire.

Coalitions also have made BJP give larger stake to the partner. We can observe this trend in Karnataka, Maharashtra and Bihar. This can happen again in Andhra Pradesh now. Amit shah’s recent chide on Jagan Mohan Reddy’s government and invitation to TDP chief is a statement that portray its intentions. To tackle this problem, BJP has to ensure the presence of local cadre in regional elections. Rise of local cadre is the biggest advantage that BJP had in 2014 and 2019 elections which now seems to have lost focus.

Hindu-Muslim politics which is a bread and butter phenomenon for BJP will come back in Telangana for a larger part with a change. It would now focus on the rise of such phenomena with added ingredients like statements from the heads which polarise the environment in a reasonably tight manner.

All in all, BJP’s growth trajectory in south will see some decline in overall manner but penetrating into core masses in Telangana would be their fundamental objective. Acting accordingly to any hindrances in a positive way may lead to objective success rather than political rule.


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Anjan Kumar Kasibhotla
Anjan Kumar Kasibhotla
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