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TDF USA President launches and inaugurates various Projects in Telangana

TDF USA President Divesh R Anireddy who is on India Visit has launched and inaugurated various TDF Projects in Telangana state along with Global Pragati welfare society USA President Alok Agarwal .

 Telangana Development Forum in association with Pragati welfare society NGO has launched various TDF Projects in Telangana state under the leadership of Matta Rajeshwar Reddy TDF India General Secretary and TDF India Team.

Farmers being told about the machines to be used in cultivation

TDF  Jai Kisan conducted a Natural Farming Awareness program for farmers on indigenous seeds and chemical free methods in Ibrahimpur village (A Model Village ) from Narayanrao pet Mandal ,Siddipet District. Dr. Divesh Anireddy and Dr. Alok Agarwal were the chief guests for this program and TDF Jai-kisan India Chair Narender Reddy , Matta Rajeshwar Reddy, Best Farmer Award Winner Mavuram  Mallikarjun Reddy , Village Sarpanch Deviah  ,Mandal Agriculture Officer  Ramani Garu ,AEO (Agriculture Extension Officer) Nagarjuna Garu , Rythubandhu Coordinator Kumbala Naresh Reddy ,Farmers ,Village members participated this awareness program .

Guests at the meeting

Reduce chemicals, pesticides completely

Dr. Divesh Ani Reddy told the farmers that they should completely reduce the use of chemicals and pesticides.  He explained about side effects of harmful  pesticides and weedicides and its impact on human body and requested farmers to reduce, avoid them as much as possible as they cause various health issues leading to diseases.

Pati Narender  Reddy said that 25 villages are being adopted in Telangana, in which Ibrahimpur village has been selected as a part TDF Jai Kisan natural farming project .He has explained the concept of Our Seeds, Our Crops and Our health to farmers. After cultivating vegetables and other crops with natural farming methods, he requested farmers should share their experience with the rest of the farmers and villagers to spread the importance of natural farming. He requested Sarpanch ,MAO, AEO, Rythubandu president to gives names of the farmers who are interested in natural farming and those who want to start natural farming  from  Ibhrahimpur village  and narayanraopet Mandal villages so that selected farmers are given training and adopted accordingly.

Tools being demonstrated for the benefit of farmers

Farmers requested to adopt natural farming

Matta Rajeshwar Reddy requested the farmers to adopt natural farming though it is difficult path but requested to do  as it gives better results in long run both for farmers, society and to environment. He requested farmers to adapt natural farming in a small way and then extend to larger ways  after getting experience to avoid loses. He also explained marketing techniques that are needed to be adopted in natural farming to get better selling price by creating branding of the products produced by the farmer by citing examples of successful farmers in natural farming.

Later Dr. Alok Agarwal said that he was very happy to visit Ibhrahimpur which is a model village with all facilities. He explained the services that he is providing through his NGO Pragati welfare society. He said that he adopted Burgula village situated in Ranga Reddy district to make it as a model village similar to Ibhrahimpur village.

Dr. Divesh Anireddy demonstrating the farm tool

Later the team visited venkiahkunta village  IKP center and inspected the IKP Paddy collection center were TDF has given tarpaulin covers to the farmers to protect paddy yield from unexpected rains. The distribution of tarpaulin covers to the farmers to protect paddy yields  has given a lot of assurance to farmers from unseasonal rains ,said local farmers when asked about the services.

Visit to Mustabad village

Then the team visited TDF Jaikisan CHC at Mustabad village of Siricilla district, where Dr. Dinesh Ani Reddy and Dr. Alok Agarwal inaugurated newly added Agricultural machines and weeding tools. These machines are freely available for Mustabad Mandal farmer some for free and some for nominal prices with the aim to reducing weedicides and harmful chemicals to promote natural farming said Matta Rajeshwar Reddy who is in charge of CHC. Dr. Divesh Ani Reddy requested farmers to best utilize the machines and adopt natural farming. Dr. Alok Agarwal said he was very happy to see farmers utilizing TDF supplied agri machines to control weed instead of using harmful chemicals to kill weeds, thus protecting soil and saving environment.

TheTDF  Jaikisan team then distributed green manure seeds ( made of 9- navadanyalu)  to famers to promote Dabohlkar method farming technique which helps to increase soil health and promotes natural farming, Best Farmer Award Winner Mavuram  Mallikarjun Reddy said that the use of green manure will increase soil health and indirectly helps farmers to use less DAP and urea which are inorganic in nature.

Matta rajeswar reddy speaking at the event

Dr. Dinesh Ani Reddy and Dr. Alok Agarwal launched banners and brouchers requesting farmers not to burn paddy straws which are left in paddy fields as burning of paddy straws is causing lot of environmental pollution and killing micro organisms in soil and damaging soil health and urged farmers to use green manures and other solutions to overcome this issue.

Organic food served to farmers

Food  dishes made with organic desi rice and millets ( 5 type of varieties) were served  to the  farmers. The Organic food experts from Sri Venkateshwara sewa samithi, Rukmapur ,choppadandi Mandal ,Karimnagar district led by Gandla Satish brought the organic food items from local farmers, cooked the food in earth mud  pots and served to famers. Gandla Satish explained the importance of organic food to farmers and requested to cultivate millets and desi ancient paddy crops for at least family purpose to protect health and save from diseases.

Dishes made of organic food

Dr. Divesh Ani Reddy and Dr. Alok Agarwal inaugurated and distributed sewing machines worth of 3 lakhs to Sri Venkateshwara foundation NGO at Siricilla town. Dr. Dinesh Ani Reddy  said that these sewing machines were distributed as a part of TDF Women empowerment program with the aim to empower Telangana women in rural areas. Dr Alok requested to best utilize the sewing machines and training.The machines distributed will be used by the Sri Venkateshwara foundation NGO to train women regularly  batch wise. The women once trained will be given employment opportunities from Siricilla textile and apparel park said NGO president Sunitha ,the training is a certified programs under video surveillance along with bio-metric attendance system said NGO secretary Tirumal Reddy .

Siricilla Municipal chair person Mrs. Jindam Kala Chakrapani, former Siricilla MLA Sri Vuchidi Mohan Reddy, former GHMC Corporator Pavani Reddy, Councilor Annaram Srinivas attended the event and addressed the women.

Dr. Divesh R  Anireddy  said that he will be extending services to other Telangana rural areas in the area of Agriculture, Education ,Health and Women empowerment. He assured that TDF would be supporting Telangana in all aspects whenever needed and wherever needed.


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