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Nature farming training camp for farmers held

  • Farmers’ meet at Lingampally
  • Manchireddy extols farmers to go nature way

Telangana Development Forum (TDF)  organized a one day “Nature Farming Awareness and Training Camp” on 24 September 2022 at Anireddy Natural Farms, Lingampally Village, Manchal Mandal, Ibrahimpatnam Rangareddy District  for the benefit of farmers,  consumers and society at large. It was a as  part of  TDF Jaikisan project.

MLA Manchireddy Kishan Reddy speaking at the farmers meet

MLA Kishan Reddy vows to practise natural farming

Ibrahimpatnam MLA Mr. Manchi Reddy Kishan Reddy was the chief guest. He addressed the farmers on how to overcome the current economic problems and suggested to do natural farming . He requested Dr. Divesh, TDF USA president, to make his present natural farm in to model natural farm as a training centre so that Agriculture and Horticulture Department can use them to give real time trainings to farmers. He has requested government officials to conduct more training and awareness sessions on natural farming and agriculture in Ibrahimpatnam constituency.  The MLA said that he was very much impressed with the training sessions conducted by various trainers, especially farmer Ramana reddy and his wife Lavanya. He requested the couple to supply to his home naturally grown food from now onwards. The MLA said that he will buy two cows immediately and assured that he will start natural farming very soon. He finally thanked TDF for conducting development activities in Telangana.

Music team performing. Matta Rajeshwar reddy, TDF General Secretary watching.

Divesh Reddy exhorts farmer to go natural

Dr. Divesh spoke about  TDF USA  activities saying that he is a practising doctor, at present most of the patients are dying of cancer and other deadly diseases. The farmers are requested to think once and for all that when they use chemical and pesticides to kill the weeds  in the fields, they should also be aware of their risks and not get greedy and take their lives. He requested all the farmers to start practising natural farming initially in a smaller way, later extend into bigger area.

Later, the President and team members of TDF India explained to the farmers about the programs done for the farmers since its establishment in TDF India.

Save Soil campaigners with all the important guests

Lavany Ramana Reddy steals the show

Lavanya Ramana Reddy, a woman farmer doing nature farming, shared her experiences with her fellow farmers. Speaking with authority, she talked  about how she started her nature farming, the problems she encountered  at first and the difficulties she faced in marketing the yield. She encouraged the farmers tread her path successfully by overcoming such issues which are common  in any profession. Ramana Reddy also spoke.

TDF India president Raja Reddy receiving chief guest Manchireddy Kishan Reddy, MLA, while Dr Divesh looks on.

Agriculture equipment

State Horticulture head Dr. Sunanda Rani informed the farmers about the details of the agricultural equipment provided by the government and reduced doses of pesticides for vegetable plants in gardens and nurseries. She asked them not to use herbicides except in emergency situations.

Ranga Reddy (DAO) Dr. Geeta said that if we fill the agriculture farms with chemicals now, the future generations will not see good soil and asked the farmers to reduce the use of chemicals completely and start natural farming.

Growing vegetables

Growing vegetables through natural farming  was explained by  expert  and practitioner Byreddy Naresh Reddy. He gave a presentation with the statistics showing advantages and disadvantages of vegetable cultivation in natural farming, Integrated natural farming expert  Mallikarjun Reddy gave training on integrated agriculture methods and statistics. Dr. G. Rajasekhar Reddy from centre for sustainable agriculture has given training in pest threat management in nature agriculture and Dr. G. Rajasekhar Reddy about the methods of natural plant protection. The techniques were explained to the farmers. Jakka Tirupati, a natural farmer, trained on natural farming techniques and also on local seeds and their importance.

Matta Rajeshwar reddy, Lavanya, Ramana Reddy, Divesh and others.

Kisan training through digital and social media

TDF India General secretary Matta Rajeshwar Reddy  said that TDF India Jai Kisan training  programmes which are going on from time to time were put on digital and social media platforms  like (YouTube, Facebook, twitter and Instagram) and said that TDF  is trying hard to reach more people/farmers using digital platforms. TDF India President Vatte Raja Reddy said  during the Telangana movement we had supported the farmers in doing good work and since then we have been providing all kinds of assistance whenever needed.TDF Jaikisan new chair pati Narender said that  Jaikisan projects  will always be at the service of the farmers for their empowerment. TDF History AV was one of the highlights of the camp. Save Soil team headed by Abhiram explained about save soil movement and his team has given live music performance on songs related to save soil. Stalls at event attracted farmers and consumers.

Attended by those interested in nature farming

These programmes were attended by TDF USA Chairperson Sadanand , Jaikisan State Coordinator Gajula Praveenm Kumar, Jt. Secretary  Shivanth Raghuram, Vinil, Anupama, Anjana, Matta Sumanth Reddy and senior editor K. Ramachandra Murthy. Eight speakers and many expert panels, several NGOs, State Agriculture & Horticulture Departments KVKs and farmers from RR , Medchal and Hyderabad districts, State Government Horticulture Department and Agriculture Department employees, Ibrahimpatnam Constituency MPPs, MPTCs, Lingampally Grama Sarpanch, Voluntary Organizations, desi seed and organic farming the Save Soil team and many other successful organic farmers came and made the program a grand success.


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