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Why will Jana Sena Join hands with TDP?

• Had bitter experience during 2014-19
• Pawan left alliance after knowing Naidu’s mindset
• Naidu’s aides start propaganda that Pawan will return

Amravati: A long way to go for assembly elections in AP, but political parties started their calculations and strategies to be the front runners in the race. The new gimmick played by main opposition party, TDP and its cadre is that Jana Sena will once again join hands with them in next assembly elections.

What is all this for?

It is well known that Pawan Kalyan bade good-bye to TDP before 2019 assembly elections and joined hands with Communist parties. Jana Sena chief had a bitter experience with the TDP post 2014 elections. He expressed anguish at the way Amravati was sidelined by Naidu since 2017 and about the schemes he implemented; in the same way he also came strongly against the BJP too. Now once again Jana Sena joined hands with the BJP and both parties are trying their best to get into public with their own agenda, leaving minor disputes aside.

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People reject TDP once again

On the other hand, TDP which was rejected by voters in the recent panchayat polls came to know that it alone can’t fight the ruling YCP and needed help to counter. The only leader who can help is none other than Pawan Kalyan. After noting the surge of Jana Sena in recent panchayat elections, particularly in East and west Godavari districts, Naidu is now trying to woo Jana Sena chief indirectly.

TDP spurned by BJP

Naidu tried his luck to come closer to BJP post 2019 elections, but Delhi leaders did not give space for him and straight away said NO to accept him as an ally. Now the only option left for him is Jana Sena. Using all his supportive media and cadre, he is trying to create confusion among Jana Sena cadres sending signals that the TDP will ally with Pawan in near future. Electronic media and print media which are pro-TDP are trying their best by writing editorials and columns saying that if the TDP and the Jana Sena join hands again, it will become an unbeatable force.

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Why will Pawan join hands?

“Why will Pawan Kalyan join hands with Naidu? It is a big farce being enacted by the TDP. Our leader will fight along with BJP or will go it alone, but not with TDP,” say Jana Sena cadres unanimously. “If we ally with TDP, he will give 20 to 25 seats to contest and even if we win all, our leader can’t become CM, and then what is the use? TDP is a sinking boat and our leader will not sit in that,” say Jana Sena leaders too.

No way for TDP

It looks as though all doors are closed for TDP except to fight alone for its survival. For the first time, it has gone alone without allying with any party in 2019 elections as well as is in the recent Panchayat elections. But there is a sort of realization in the TDP that its present strength is not enough to fight assembly elections. It needs help from a friendly party, but no one is prepared to look at the TDP at present scenario.

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