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Hold farm laws or we will, SC to Centre

  • Set up an expert committee
  • Hold the laws in abeyance, why it is prestige issue? SC asks Centre
  • Jolt to Centre on farm laws

New Delhi: Supreme Court directed the Centre to keep on hold new farm laws or the SC will do so, that the situation will not worsen further. SC further said it was disappointed by the way Centre has handled the situation with the protesting farmers. We don’t know what negotiations are going on for a month? We want to set up an expert committee and we want the Government to hold the laws in abeyance. If the Centre does not want to stay the implementation of farm laws, we will put a stay on it, said CJI Bobde.

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People are committing suicide, sitting in cold temperatures, who is taking care of food and water? There are no COVID guidelines implemented and if anything goes wrong who will be responsible? We don’t want anyone’s blood on our hands, Court said.
We came to know through media and replies that farmers have problems with farm laws, but we don’t know you are part of problem or solution but withhold the implementation of farm laws, court said to Centre. The amicable resolution is to form a committee and you both famers and Centre suggest names of former CJIs who can head the committee, Court further said.

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Centre and farmers are scheduled for their next meeting on January 15th, but after the court decision today, we have to see how both parties will keep an end to this.

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