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Farmers should end protest

  • News 18 survey reveals the mood of the farmers across the country
  • Survey conducted in 14 states and Union territories
  • Majority from Punjab, Maharashtra, and Delhi want protests to be called off

New Delhi: It is well known that farmers are protesting for the past 26 days demanding a roll back on the new farm laws. Five rounds of talks between farmer unions and Central government had failed and protests got intensified with hunger strike from Monday. Government came up with assurances and said it will provide written assurance to the farmers on MSP which was rejected by unions.

One of the leading news channels, News 18, did a survey in 14 States and Union Territories on new three farm laws. 53.6 % of the people supported the new farm laws and 30.6 are against it in the survey conducted to gauge public opinion of the protest being carried out by farmers.

Survey result surprised all as majority from Delhi (76%), Maharashtra (80.56%) and Punjab (63.54%) want the protests to be called off. When questioned if the protest politically motivated, 48.71%  said ‘yes’ while 32.59% said ‘no’.

Provision as per new farm laws which provide choice for farmers to sell their produce outside APMC mandis was appreciated by 70%, which was welcomed mostly by North Indians who believe farmers can get better price for their produce because of vast choice enabled by new farm laws.

To bring ordinance on ban of stubble burning by Government was agreed by 66% while 33% supported protesters demand seeking withdrawal of ordinance.

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