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Acquire NTR Trust Bhavan space: Letter to CM KCR

  • Employees of NTR Trust Bhavan Telangana region wrote a letter to CM KCR.
  • NTR Bhavan leased to TDP for 30 years in 1997
  • Lost its sheen after State bifurcation

Hyderabad: The NTR Bhavan in Hyderabad is once again in controversy. Employees of NTR Trust Bhavan Telangana region wrote a letter to CM KCR asking the him  to take over the TDP office space. In the letter, KCR was asked to cancel the lease given to NTR Bhavan and take over the land.

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The letter alleged that the TDP was using the government land leased for 30 years in the name of the trust for business activities instead of the trust and harassing Telangana employees in the Trust Bhavan. Therefore, they demanded that the lease given by the government to the NTR Trust Bhavan should be cancelled and the land should be taken over.

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Doubts are expressed as to whether there are political angles in this letter. Will the Telangana government take over the NTR Trust building in the heart of Hyderabad? 

NTR trust Bhavan was leased out to TDP for 30 years by the then CM of undivided Andhra Pradesh Chandrababu Naidu in April 1997 at an amount of  90,000 per year. The lease period will expire in 2027 as per agreement. It  lost its sheen after State bifurcation as Naidu focussed more on AP state and his visits to NTR Bhavan reduced gradually after party  lost power in 2019. Now party looks to be almost wiped out in Telugu states and at this time, it is important to recollect Telangana CM K. Chandrasekhar Rao’s  words way back in 2001 which reads” Soon Telangana State will be formed , after that TDP leadership will have to put a ‘To-let’ board to NTR Bhavan as its activities will be shifted to Andhra”.

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