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Dr. MV Ramana Reddy no more

Dr. MV Ramana Reddy, a physician by training, a politician by chance and a writer by choice, breathed his last on Wednesday at 6.30 am. He was known as Proddaturu Ramana Reddy, a place he was totally identified himself with. He was 78.

MVR, as he was popularly called, had literary taste and  skills even when he was studying MBBS in Guntur Medical College. He ran a monthly called ‘Kavitha’ while he was a student. While practising as a doctor he was editing and publishing a political magazine called ‘Prabhajanam.’ He joined Telugu Desam Party (TDP) in 1983 at the behest of NTR. He won from Proddatur constituency in Kadapa  district  as an MLA. He rebelled against NTR when the latter was planning to take Krishna water to Madras via Rayalaseema through Telugu Ganga project. He launched an outfit called ‘Rayalaseema Vimochana Samiti’ and sat on fast for 21 days demanding  water for drinking and cultivation for the backward areas of Rayalaseema.  He later contested from Proddatur several times as an independent candidate but could not make it.

MVR led many a movement for the rights of Rayalaseema people. He demanded a separate State of Rayalaseema. He penned the sorrows of Seema in his book ‘Rayalaseema Kanniiti Gaadha.’ He translated Maxim Gorky’s Mother into Telugu giving the title ‘Kadupu tiipi.’  MVR translated RK Narayan’s books into Telugu titled ‘Peddapuli Aatma Katha’ and ‘Maatakaari.’ He also wrote a novel titled ‘Chivaraku Migilindi?’  He published his first part of world history in Telugu in Sakshi daily newspaper. MVR was the founder-member of Revolutionary Writers Association. He was close to poet SriSri.

MVR lived on oxygen for about ten months. Even when he was seriously sick, he continued with the last part of world history and completed it successfully.

K. Ramachandra Murthy
K. Ramachandra Murthy
Founder & Editor


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