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Pawan Kalyan, what is this new turn?

  • Pawan’s political speech at film pre-launch function surprised everyone
  • Attack on AP Government from film  dais is condemned by all
  • Chiranjeevi expressed apology for Pawan’s statement, says Minister Perni Nani
  • Tollywood bigwigs meet Perni Nani and extended support to Government
  • Is Pawan tilting towards TDP?
  • Has Pawan fallen in Naidu’s  trap

Amravati: Jana Sena Chief Pawan Kalyan became talk of the week for AP Government and Tollywood Industry after he came up with severe attack on YCP Government about online ticketing, hike in ticket price and 100% occupancy for theatres in Andhra Pradesh. The issue was hardly hit bigwigs of Tollywood,  politicians in Andhra Pradesh of YCP, Jana Sena and man in between who opened mouth at last was Pawan’s big brother, Chiranjeevi.

Pawan started the fire

Pawan’s political speech at pre-launch function of ‘Republic’ movie went to the extent of  exchanging  derogatory epithets, abuses, filthy language between Kalyan and Posani Krishnamurali. If we examine the facts, it is Pawan’s fault to use the film dais for political purpose and make a speech which affected film industry a lot. To counter the damage done by Pawan, Tollywood big wigs immediately met AP Cinematography Minister Perni Nani and said they were ready to follow directions of Government to sustain Tollywood.  Dil Raju, who is close to Mega family, was also present in the meeting with the minister along with Bunny Vasu. This clearly shows that they don’t approve Pawan Kalyan’s  remarks against AP Government.

Posani took the fight to gutters

Language  used by actor Posani can’t be explained.  Abuse, filthy, language at Press Club on Tuesday should be condemned by all. Bringing Chiranjeevi’s daughter into the picture  and comments made on personal life of Pawan Kalyan are not excusable. He might have tried to impress his leader Y.S. Jagan Mohan reddy, but unparliamentarily language  on women and on leaders should be cut out  before telecasting, which was not done by electronic media. Posani is going in a way like Katti Mahesh (late) who also used to attack in the same way. Tammareddy Bharadwaj on Wednesday condemned Posani’s comments and said that sometimes fans won’t listen to the words of their heroes and advised Posani to stop provoking them. If you want to attack, do it on Pawan’s political ideologies and policies but not on his personal life, Tammareddy suggested to Posani in a dignified manner.

Pawan tilting towards TDP?

This sudden attack by Pawan on YCP Government may have political agenda behind it. Jana Sena got respectable percentage of vote share in recent MPTC and ZPTC elections. In fact,  there was an increase in its vote bank  compared to 2019 assembly elections. But his close associates say that Jana Sena can’t fight alone against strong YCP and need a support or alliance in the coming assembly elections in 2024. Ground is getting ready for the old alliance to come into picture once again which worked well in 2014 elections, TDP, Jana Sena and BJP alliance as per political observers in the state.

Pawan being trapped by TDP leaders?

If we observe the scenes and steps of TDP leaders and its supporting media for a few months, there is an indication that they were successful in trapping and pulling Jana Sena towards them. Almost for the past five months, TDP’s social media came up with a bet that Pawan will support them in next assembly elections. Electronic media came up with stories that Pawan is getting distanced from BJP. Even if we observe Pawan’s statement today that YCP government is targeting Kamma community, Jana Sena chief is also appears to be interested in the alliance with Naidu.

Caste becomes crucial for Pawan

Pawan Kalyan comes up with a statement in his speech that caste is not important and development is his agenda and the primary  factor. But he is the person who brings Kapus and Kamma and Reddy communities into frame while attacking the ruling party. This won’t work for long for any political party which is in the race. If Pawan goes in the same way, he may lose his community vote bank in the long run. His brother Chiranjeevi is maintaining silence and focussing on films after he resigned from the Congress. He is trying hard to solve the issues of Tollywood and a day before Pawan’s  attack on AP Government,  Chiru came up with an appeal to the CMs of Telugu States to take care of the industry.

Those who lit the fire behind Pawan Kalyan  are enjoying the game now, say observers. But the losers at the end will be Tollywood stars and as a political leader  Pawan who will  be affected, opine mega fans.


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