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“May Be All ‘Missed Calls’ Are Not Ours”

  • Such ‘fallacy’ gives unnecessary arrogance to the cadre and leaders
  • YSRCP commences Jagananne Mana Bhavishyattu
  • I-PAC members visiting along with the volunteers and sachivalaya sarathulu
  • Chandrababu’s RTGS is best example on such surveys
  • Correct picture will come only with I-PAC report

The YSRCP programme being implemented with the title  ‘Jagananne Mana Bhavishyattu’ is going well in Andhra Pradesh. The concerned MLAs and ministers started visiting the houses along with volunteers and special volunteers of village secretariat. The number of volunteers and special volunteers is around 7 lakh.

The volunteers used to explain the welfare schemes being implemented by YSRCP government and they have also been announcing the schemes extended to a particular family. Five questions including ‘Are you satisfied with the welfare schemes of YSRCP government?’  being posed to the inmates of the houses. In case the inmate of the house satisfied with the government schemes, he or she should give a missed call 82960 82960. After it, the person will get a call from Chief Minister Office with a recorded voice of inviting their opinion.

According to YSRCP MLA Marri Rajasekhar, “Never in this country has any political party dared to go to the people and seek a review of their performance. We are confident of our work and we will give the details of it after April 20”. The programme is commenced April 7 and the volunteers have to visit 1.60 crore houses in the state during fourteen days.

As per the YSRCP, the volunteers visited 45 lakh houses in the first five days and about 37 lakh had given missed calls to the above number. It means (If we took the ‘missed calls’ perception) the government and its schemes get the support of 82.2 percent people.

There is a chance that such figures may be thrown up by the ruling party  due to ‘over expectation’ zone and it is possible that the ruling party leaders, particularly the contestants, may fall into ‘sloth’ phase. How one can expect that a hardcore TD activist, even though benefited by a Jagan scheme and gave a missed call, vote in favour of YSRCP?

It is better that one can recall the experience of former chief minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu in the name of Real Time Governance System (RTGS). The official, who looked after the system, used to submit a daily report on peoples’ pulse on Telugu Desam party government. The opinion of the people used to get aggregated by calling the people across  various sections. The response in favour of the Naidu was ranging from 62 percent to 84 percent. The then chief minister, who relied more on this feedback, set aside the suggestions given by party senior leaders on growing discontent among people, particularly the Janma Bhoomi committees. Naidu understood the ire of the public only after seeing the election results.

Such scenario may be repeated if the YSRCP government relied on the ‘missed calls”. Interestingly, the government is taking some corrective measures  to the programme. Along with the MLA and volunteers, two members of I-PAC of Pransath Kishor are also visiting the houses to notice the mood of the people they visited. They are trying to find out the real feeling of the households through face-reading and other actions. How far the PK team would be able to give correct picture to the government is a big question now. (eom)


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