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Why Investors’ summit became common man’s interest?

The presence of famous industrialists and CEOs of various companies at the Global Investors Summit (GIS) in Vizag and announcing lakhs of crores of rupees of investments is not at all news.

In general, the GIS affair would have been confined to the English papers and among the industrialists, MBA students and business communities. It will not be matter of interest to the other sections. Why GIS was made the common man’s subject for discussion is very interesting. The GIS is being discussed among different folks including ex-army man to weaver, farm labourers, farmers, vendors, factory workers and employees. Mukhesh Ambani staying for more than three hours, an industrialist equating the word ‘Josh’ as Jagan (Chief Minister), mad rush at food point and gift corner speak volumes about the success of the show. The news of GID was the topic of discussion among public through media due to different reasons.

D Gopi, a journalist, said, “The adverse news on GIS that was carried in some section of vernacular newspapers and channels and counter arguments to it in social media and a few newspapers caused for oral discussion at every hotel and tea stall in the state. With this, the people started reading the news related to it. So, it became news of common man”.

Battle lines were drawn on the issue between the Telugu Desam and YSRCP and their media. Nethula Narasimha Rao, ex-army said, “I started watching the channels if any reputed industrialist attend to the GIS. I was surprised over noticing famous corporate heads at the summit. Spending three hours by Mukhesh Ambani is news to me”.

The Chief Minister’s personal letters to industrialists and sending them though his cabinet colleagues and road shows conducted in Bangalore and Chennai are the main reasons for making success of GIS. YS Jagan Mohan Reddy impressed the corporate heads by praising their efforts in their fields. Many of the industrialists received the invitation of ‘due respect and honour’ very well. Geetanand, financial expert, said, “The government succeeded in explaining the resources available in Andhra Pradesh and how they can be useful to their (particular industrialist) company. It gives a clear picture to the industrialist where he can invest” 

 K Suryaprakasa Rao, a small scale sari merchant in Chirala said, “I expected the GIS will be made success after I noticed the sincere efforts of the government”.

The question of K Sankar, running a ‘hotel on wheels’ at Gunadala in Vijayawada and a small scale businessman, “Whether the industrialists stand in the queue for food is true or not” is very interesting.’

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