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Co-WIN app, Here’s all what you should know about it

  • Fake Co-Win apps are doing rounds
  • Co-Win app is not available on Google Play store and Apple’s App store
  • Government’s Co-win app is still under development

New Delhi: COVID vaccines roll out will start from January 16, Saturday, across India and for this Central government has developed Covid Vaccine Intelligence Network in other words Co-Win application.

This CO-Win application has five modules like Administrator, Registration, Vaccination, Beneficiary acknowledgement and report. This app will facilitate real time information of vaccine stocks, storage temperature during vaccination drive.

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Should You Register Yourself?

Users have to register themselves on the app if they need or want to take vaccination. But this app is not available on Google Play Store or in Apple’s App store. It will be used as back-end software during COVID 19 vaccination drive. Even the self registration module of Co-Win app has not been released so beware of any fraudulent apps with similar names that may exist on different platforms

There are several apps that are named Co-Win on mobile app stores and also several websites claiming to have APK for the Co-win app. However, none of these apps are official apps for COVID-19 immunisation, the Health Ministry said. A 24/7 call centre was set up in India with number 1075 for all inoculation related queries and for Co-Win software.

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