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Megastar stands by people, organises medical Oxygen for Telugu states

  • Chirajeevi launches Oxygen banks across Telugu States
  • No deaths due to lack of life saving oxygen, the actor resolves
  • Founded Corona Crisis Charity (CCC)
  • Blood bank, eye bank charity gave life to many
  • The Tollywood hero never encourages publicity on charity

Hyderabad: Where there is a will, there is a way, this adage perfectly suits mega star Chiranjeevi. To his credit, he has been involved in many charity services so are and he always rose to the occasion. Whenever there is a crisis like pandemics or environmental disasters, he comes forward to do his bit. The Tollywood super hero once set up the ‘Chiranjeevi Blood Bank’ near the Jubilee Hills checkpost in Hyderabad with the pious intention of saving the lives of those who were in a life-threatening condition due to lack of blood. Chiranjeevi also took another step to save the lives of those who were infected with the corona by providing oxygen.

After witnessing people dying due to lack of oxygen, actor came up with a plan of launching oxygen banks in Telugu states in an attempt to help COVID patients. Chiranjeevi Charitable Trust will also be providing oxygen concentrators with his son Ram Charan overseeing the operations of Oxygen banks and concentrators.

Chiranjeevi, during the first wave of pandemic, came up with Corona Crisis Charity through which he helped daily wages workers in Tollywood and provided rice and other essential groceries for them. The programme is still running which has been ignored  by media without making it public. In April, Chiranjeevi announced free vaccine drive to cinema workers and Telugu film journalists with their families. He also helped film workers or co stars, who are struggling with Corona virus pandemic. Help to his fans financially who are undergoing treatment for COVID or financial help to actors like Ponnabalam, actress Shyamala, or many did not get media attention and the actor also did not seek media publicity

Setting up of oxygen banks, which should be done by Governments in normal course, is highly appreciated. We have seen people dying due to lack of oxygen during the pandemic and Chiranjeevi delivered cylinders to Guntur, Ananthapur, Khammam, Karimnagar, Mahaboobnagar Vishakapatnam districts already and few districts are in pipeline. Establishing bank at Bhadrachalam, keeping in view of needs of tribal and other agency villages is laudable. On Friday, Chiranjeevi Oxygen Bank was inaugurated on the premises of Indian Red Cross Society in Khammam.

All the cylinders and concentrators of oxygen would be used to serve the COVID patients for free of cost.

Talks to TRS MLA Shankar Nayak

Chiranjeevi, who sent oxygen cylinders to Mahabubabad district hospital, spoke to TRS MLA Shankar Nayak on the phone. “Take care of your health as well,” said Chiranjeevi. Chiranjeevi called the MLA saying, “Hello Shankar.. How are you? Are all the family members well. Conditions are not good at all.  You are a person who is very useful to the people. Take care of your health”  Shankar Nayak thanked Chiranjeevi overwhelmingly for providing cylinders from Chiranjeevi Oxygen Bank to the district as soon as the request was made.


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