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Bhuma Akhilapriya prepares for legal battle on Hafeezpet lands

  • Ready to write open letter to Telangana CM
  • To seek Kavitha’s help
  • Decides to fight both politically and legally

Hyderabad: The Bhuma family and others are in the dispute over 50 acres of land in Hafeezpet, a suburb of Hyderabad, appear to be getting ready for a legal battle. The Bhuma family says that this land was inherited from the Nawabs to Bhuma Nagi Reddy. The value of the land in dispute is now in billions, so the two sides cannot reconcile. With Nagi Reddy’s death, the Bhuma family lost many valuable lands and farms. But the Hafeezpet lands are not being abandoned by the survivors.

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Praveen Rao

Hafeezpet Lands backdrop

 In Hafeezpet survey No 80, dispute is continuing for the past 60 years from the time of Nizam,  Mir Osman Ali Khan (7th Nizam). In his name 450 acres were registered through a ‘farmana.’ But after that Jagir system was abolished and the land was taken over by government. The only link document available up to now was the one issued by Nizam government of 1929, but argument started with how can Nizam successors purchase it after the ‘farmana’ was passed.

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Land changed hands

It was full of hills and rocks and no one came forward to make assignment deed also. Government took over the land and kept in prohibited land section. Slowly poor and middle class people started migrating into that area and started occupying by building small houses. Then they subdivided land into plots and sold out as plots. First venture was started by Kabeeruddin Khan who sold per square yards at Rs. 15. Some 116 acres were purchased by C. Kalyan and Mumbai based Syrus Investments. They again made a resale and the land changed hands for few years.

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Akhila Priya and Subba Reddy

Land grabbers, factionists enter the scene

After Hitech City foundation stone was laid in 1990, the eyes of land grabbers and factionists fell on the land which led to murders and kidnaps. The murder of realtor Hari Babu in 1997 is  an example. Land dispute between Akhilapriya and Praveen kumar also led to murders earlier. Prabhakar Naidu and Sekhar Naidu were brutally killed in separate incidents related to this dispute. Later on the story turned into fake mutations and realtors’ ventures and after that government entered the scene claiming that it owns the land.

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50 acres story in Hafeezpet Survey No. 80

Bhuma Nagi Reddy (late) and Kishan Rao (late), father of former hockey player Praveen Rao, were close friends. They both jointly purchased 50 acres of land in survey No. 80, Hafeezpet.  A.V. Subba Reddy was right hand man of late Nagi Reddy when he was alive. A.V. Subba Reddy knows well where Nagi Reddy’s properties are as he was one of the close aides of Nagi Reddy. Kishan Rao (Praveen’s father) registered land to his son Praveen Rao. At that time, Kishan Rao, Bhuima Nagi Reddy and A.V.Suba reddy moved closely regarding all assets related to 50 acres. Out of 50 acres, 25 acres were named as “A.V. Estates”. But Praveen changed the title to K.S. Estates (KISHAN RAO ESTATES) after the demise of Kishan Rao.

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In September 2020, Subba Reddy tried to trespass the 25 acres under the name of K.S. Estates and a complaint was filed against him by Praveeen in Miyapur court. The other 25 acres of land is still in the name of Bhuma’s family members jointly. Akhilapriya tried to grab the other 25 acres under her name which led to the kidnap of Praveen Rao.

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Kishan Rao, Subba Reddy and Bhuma were close friends until both Kishan Rao and Nagi Reddy left this world.  But Subba Reddy, after the demise of other two partners, tried to enter the field which led to dispute between him and Akhilapriya. Telangana HC recently came out with a statement that land under Survey no 80 does not belong to Telangana Government. After the court hearing faction groups moved fast to acquire the land under their name as it is a prime property worth hundreds of crores of rupees.

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Akhilapriya’s key decision to protect his father’s property

Akhilapriya was prepared to go all out to protect her father’s property in Hyderabad. She has been taking steps in that direction. It seems that Akhilapriya will write a letter to CM KCR stating that a false cases against her was registered. She wants to present in her letter the facts in the land dispute. It is rumored that Akhilapriya is planning to seek the help of Kalvakuntla Kavitha, MLC,  in this regard.

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However, it is learned that Akhilapriya will write an open letter to KCR to state all the facts about the land dispute. It is learnt that along with the Supreme Court judgment, documents related to the land will also be attached to the letter. It is learnt that Akhilapriya will lodge a complaint with the state and national human rights commission against the police harassment of her family.  Akhilapriya has started moves to counter  both legal and political rivals.

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