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Comments aginst AP CJ : Raghurama, Lokesh Exposed

  • WhatsApp chat between the two politicians revealed
  • Submitted to HC as part of evidence by CID officials
  • Chats include derogatory, offensive remarks on Judiciary and AP CJ

Amravati: The chat transcripts which ran between MP Raghu Ramakrishnam Raju and Nara Lokesh targetting Judiciary were exposed by CID officials on Wednesday. Raghurama, who is accused of hateful remarks against State Government, had this chat watching the online trail of AP CM Jagan Mohan Reddy’s bail cancellation plea in High Court on in today’s court hearing. If necessary, we should be ready to file a House motion in Supreme Court because the Chief of AP looks bit cowardly.

Lokesh: I think he understands the situation, did the Advocate General speak? I came in little late.

RRR: The Chief Justice seems to be in favour of the argument of our senior lawyer. I have confidence.

Lokesh: Yes. He told the lawyer that he understood the matter and cut the argument. Praveen Kumar seems to be intent on conducting the tests.

RRR: At the end that crook is a Rayalaseema Reddy, but they don’t care about him.

Lokesh: Well, let’s hope that happens.

RRR: He sits in the chair (Judge Position) and argues on behalf of the Government, Cheap fellow.

Lokesh: There was a problem with the internet connections and God cut him off. Lo…Basav prabhu is arguing well. What do you say?

RRR: AG has yet to argue, Praveen fellow should be shown the door.

Lokesh: AG has yet to speak. Basava Raju Patil gave good answers to Praveen.

RRR: Very good. He also praises stupid Praveen and is slowly taking him into his control.

Lokesh: AG is arguing.

RRR: The idiot has just started. The Chief asked the right question.

Lokesh: This is fun, the AG is being trounced.

RRR: The Chief is in our favour.

Lokesh: Looks like it’s coming in our favour.

RRR: Yes, the Chief seems clear.

Lokesh: Postponed to the third date.

RRR: Yes.

Lokesh: the Chief has told the government that they will issue orders if the decision is not withdrawn by the third date.

RRR: Best Wishes in advance.

Lokesh: On the third.

RRR: Yes, it’s live on that day and advance congratulations today.

Lokesh: CJ is kicking his ass…AG’s ass…

This became hot topic in AP State politics and gives strong evidence for the petition filed by AP Government in Supreme Court stating that MP  Raghu Rama, Chandrababu Naidu and Nara Lokesh tried for conspiracy against the elected government of YSRCP.


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