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Balakrishna‘s Controversial remarks on ‘Bharat Ratna’

Hyderabad: Senior actor, Hindupur MLA, Nandamuri Balakrishna is in news once again. The controversial remark on the highest award in the country, Bharat Ratna in an interview to electronic media is getting viral by Netizens. Speaking to an electronic media on the eve of completing 30 years of one of his flicks titled ‘Aditya 369’ Balakrishna said that he does not know who is music director A.R.Rehman.

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Bharat Ratna is equivalent to NTR’s  finger nail       

Bharat Ratna is equivalent to my father NTR’s left foot finger nail, and no award is enough for his family’s contribution to the Telugu film industry. NTR is greater than Bharat Ratna and it was an honour not for those who took it but for those who gave it, Balayya said. I don’t know who Rehman is, Balakrishna made this kind of comment when he mentioned about music giant Maestro Ilayaraja. Balakrishna compared himself with Hollywood film maker James Cameron. Unlike James, I can finish movies very fast, Balakrishna said.

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Netizens are incensed at Balayya for denigrating country’s highest Bharat Ratna award. Whether Balayya will stand by his comments or wriggle out with an explanation has to be seen.

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