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Jagan launches YSR Jagananna Shaswata Bhu Hakku Bhu Rakshana Scheme

  • AP CM Launches historic land survey on his birthday
  • Project will check land grabbing and ease registration

Amravati: Another project was launched by AP CM Jagan Mohan Reddy on the eve of his 48th birthday. The scheme is termed ‘historic in land resurvey.’ YSR Jagananna Shaswata Bhu Hakku Bhu Rakshna’, name of the project which will survey every single inch of the land thus providing conclusive permanent title deed to the absolute owner. Process will be done scientifically using all modern technology related to it as per sources.

The process is taken up after 100 years which will check land grabbing and make easy for registration, resale or sale or transfer of land or any other transaction pertaining to it which will be done at village Secretariat level, Jagan said. Clear title deed will be given to the absolute owner after the survey and social audit, he further said.

Advantages of the Project

This survey breaks and avoids prolonged litigations and protects land from grabbers who try to create disputes by manipulating records. Survey will be done jointly by State government and by Survey of India along with concerned departments of State.

Survey will be taken up in three phases which will be conducted by 16,000 surveyors who have been trained with advance technology like drones, CORS which will be used to do in a transparent manner. The property rights will be given to owner in a permanent way which they can pass to next generation without any problem as it contains tamper proof.

Jagan Mohan Reddy during his historic paadayatra witnessed poor who lost their lands due to grabbing and border disputes. To counter all the hurdles, he came up with this project which is a permanent solution. For the survey there is no need to pay any money for the surveyor and government is doing it for free of cost. Estimated cost of the project is Rs. 1100 crore to be paid by the government.

Transparency assured

Transparency assurance along with Unique Identity Number (UIN) for land owners can be seen with this project. Revenue village map, land parcel map will secure the land with boundary stones which will be done across the state using Continuous Operating Reference Stations (CORS) connected to GPS.

First phase will be completed by July 2021, second phase will be from October 2021 to April 2022 and third phase between July 2022 to January 2023 in total 17600 revenue villages and total process will be completed by August 2023.

Govt came up with this initiative to solve the issues related to land and if any owner faces problem even after securing land title, the government will compensate the owner. This project is said to be a role model for other states in land dealings as per political analysts.

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