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Prashant Kishor will work for my Party: Y.S. Sharmila

  • My life is dedicated to Telangana
  • My party is an alternative to the TRS
  • With Power, can do public service like YSR
  • Power can change people’s lives
  • After becoming CM, KCR became a dictator

Hyderabad: YSRTP chief Sharmila said her life was dedicated to Telangana. She said that the party was set up to be an alternative to KCR (TRS) and to be supportive of the people of the state. KCR has turned into a dictator after coming to power.

Speaking exclusively to an electronic media house (V6), Sharmila said she was devastated by the suicide of Sunil Nayak, an unemployed young man and she was trying to bring pressure upon the government to issue notifications. She commented that if you make walkathon, you will not come to power. Power will come only if the people cast their votes.

The situation of women is dire

Sharmila said the situation of women and children had worsened under the KCR regime. “Parents are afraid to send their female children out. Liquor and drugs are found everywhere and the result is rapes and murders. Attacks on children and the elderly under the influence of intoxicants have increased in Telangana.

Records show that the crime rate against women in Telangana has increased by 300 per cent. ” If there is a deadly misdemeanor on a child in Saidabad, even the TRS corporator did not respond. The corona was poorly handled.

To be an Alternative for KCR

She said that she had done research on what was happening in Telangana and realized that the situation here was worse. “My friend, a strategist, said that KCR had won for the second time as there was not  any alternative leadership. The same seemed true to me. That is why I decided to be an alternative to KCR and to support the people and launched the party. I have decided to dedicate my life to the people of Telangana. ”KCR does not care about the people, Does not keep up his word, oppresses the Dalits,” Sharmila said.

KCR’s hair is in the hands of BJP

Sharmila said they did not invite anyone to come to their party. Some leaders who had worked with the YSR in the past said that they could not be an alternative to the people of the state and could not give cofidence to the people.

That is why they were not invited. I want people who are supportive. We will make such leaders from the people; people have no faith in the Congress and the BJP,  that was the reason why KCR won for the second time. She criticized the Congress party for being a TRS-B team and said that the party would do whatever KCR says. “KCR’s hair is in the hands of BJP national leaders. That is why KCR is dealing with that party as ‘Dostana in Delhi, Dushmani in the gully’.

YSR strength, People are the force

“YSRTP is a party born on the soil of Telangana for the people of Telangana. Our strength is YSR. His fans, the beneficiaries of his schemes are our force. Uniting all and creating ‘prabhanjanam’ will help us come to power,”said Sharmila with confidence.

No differences with brother Jagan

Sharmila made it clear that she had no differences with his brother, AP CM YS Jagan Mohan Reddy. “The two states have different interests. It is difficult for a single regional party to work for two different states. He has nothing to do with our party. ”

Rajanna Rajyam Is a Brand

‘Rajanna Rajyam’ is a brand, says Sharmila. YS brought in many welfare schemes including Arogyasree, 108, irrigation projects, minority reservations, fee reimbursement etc. Millions of people have benefited from the schemes he has brought. They are still thinking of YSR. Sharmila said that YSR was not against Telangana.

Prashan kishor will work for YSRTP

“Prashant Kishore is a good friend and brother of mine.  He promised to help. So far he is not here. Will start his work in a few days. He had succeeded in other states and  will be a grand  success here too,” said Sharmila.


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