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Rift between Ilayaraja, Prasad Studios, they knock HC door

  • HC directs both parties to resolve amicably
  • Prasad studios will allow music director only to meditate
  • There should be no intent of composing music, says Prasad studios

Chennai: The rift between Prasad studios and music maestro Ilayaraja reached High Court on Monday. High Court directed both parties to resolve issue amicably. It was in favour of amicable settlement and asked Ilayaraja not to press a civil suit against studios if they allowed Ilayaraja to visit the premises for a day.

Prasad studios in response told the High Court that it will not allow composer if he intentionally enters into compound for composing music.

What exactly happened?

Melodious music maestro Ilayaraja is using Prasad studios foe the past 40 years for his recordings in a room. He had an oral understanding with studio founder L.V.Prasad at that time for the usage of studio. Now the legal heirs of Prasad studio, Ramesh Prasad and Sai Prasad pressed on Ilayaraja to vacate the room as it was given only for meditate and not for recordings. Ilayaraja moved HC on this issue seeking to permit at least a day in a week to record songs in studio. He said that it will be done in the presence of an advocate, if required. He also said in writing that he is not seeking permanent title or pocession of the studio.

Can meditate or sleep but cannot compose

Earlier Prasad studios advocate claimed that music director is not willing to remove his equipments from 2017. He can meditate or sleep in the room but instruments should be removed immediately, advocate said. Court directed them to resolve through mediation but not in public domain.

Ilayaraja said that owners forcibly made him to evict which caused mental agony to him and demanded 50 lakhs compensation from the owners of the studio. He alleged that owners sold his music instruments in black market during lockdown period. Court directed Prasad’s counsel to allow Ilayaraja to visit recording theatre for a day and allow him to take all his belongings.


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