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GHMC Polls: “Where was KCR sleeping when floods hit Hyderabad?” asks Amit Shah

  • Amit Shah heads a colourful road show in Old city of Hyderabad
  • Party workers in thousands participate in rally
  • Home Minister says there were no communal clashes wherever BJP won

“Where was KCR sleeping when the floods hit Hyderabad?” asked Union Home Minister Amit Shah  when he set out from Warasiguda in Hyderabad on his road show on Sunday afternoon. People have flooded the streets of Hyderabad in saffron dresses with women bringing bonalu on their heads singing devotional songs.  BJP workers wore saffron turbans. They were accompanied by drums and other musical instruments.  

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“Our leaders and workers were with the people when the floods hit Hyderabad. Where were KCR and Owaisis at that time? They were not seen for days together. I see a lot of people today  in all the streets in Hyderabad inviting the BJP workers. This enthusiasm shows that this time BJP is going to win the election  for GHMC.  BJP Mayor will come very soon.  Wherever BJP won, there were no communal clashes.

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“Why seven thousand houses were inundated by flood water? Because there were land grabs by the MIM people and tanks were occupied by them. Houses were built in low lying areas and flood water entered them. I can assure that we will liberate Hyderabad from Nizam’s  culture. Because of friendship with the MIM, KCR is talking in their language,” Amit Shah said.

People have showered rose petals and other flowers  from the balconies of the buildings on Amit Shah and other BJP leaders  en route  the road show. People shouted BJP slogans including chatting ‘Modi…Modi’. Some people shouted ‘Pawan Kalyan Zindabad.’ 

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Answering KCR’s criticism that not a paisa was given by Modi government when Telangana government had requested for Rs. 1300 crore in the wake of massive  destruction caused by the unprecedented floods, Amit Shah said more amount was given to Hyderabad than any other place affected by floods.  

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Union Minister of State for Home Affairs G. Kishan Reddy, National OBC Morcha president Dr. Lakshman, TBJP chief Bandi Sanjay and BJP national observer Bhupendra Yadav accompanied BJP top leader Amit Shah in his road show.

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