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GHMC Poll: TDP’s stand an experiment to revive party?

  • Contesting to a limited number of seats compared to 2016
  • No major leaders to campaign including Naidu and Lokesh
  • Full powers for TTDP President in selecting candidates

Hyderabad: Prestigious battle of GHMC elections campaign is getting closer and all parties are on the rampage with war of words against each other. There is one party, which is going on in a smooth and surprising way, when compared to previous elections. That is the TDP.

Game plan to revive or else…?

In previous GHMC elections, we saw top leaders including Naidu , Nara Lokesh, senior leaders and  film actors touring and campaigning for the party candidates. But not even a single leader was seen until now in the campaign. And the party cadre say it is an experiment to revive party from ground level.

According to them, party believes that  it has a considerable vote bank in Greater Hyderabad and to know to what extent it is there, the party leadership has decided to contest. According to them, this is for the first time this kind of thing has happened in the history of  the party in Telangana. Instead of contesting in all divisions, the party decided to contest in only few where it has a base

Full powers to TTDP President

Cadre say, for the first time, TTDP President L. Ramana was given full powers, starting from selection of candidates to schedule of the campaign. Candidates who belong to backward communities without much financial support were given tickets as an experiment. Giving ticket to a cab driver’s wife in Begumpet division and washerman’s wife in another locality proves the same. Picking up of such candidates was not done prior except when party was established in 1983. We are starting again from the scratch, said a senior leader.

But it looks that the party is not serious on this elections. Party lost power in the neighboring State and have to struggle in Telangana or else the existence of the party may be questioned. The whirlwind campaigning by TDP Supremo and his dialogues,”Thammullu, ala Mundukupotham,” “Hitech City” are missing in the noisy spectacle of other parties, said an IT employee and TDP admirer.

TDP is contesting in 106 seats. GHMC elections are going to be held on Dec 1st and results will be out on Dec 4th. In previous 2016 elections, TDP won one seat and is now it is looking to increase its vote share.

Apart from Naidu and Lokesh, several TDP leaders from AP camped in Hyderabad in the last elections held in 2016.


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