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What Really Happened in Wuhan?

  • Chinese Military scientists predicted that World War-III would be fought with Biological weapons
  • They described them as “new era of genetic weapons” in 2015
  • Bio weapon attack could cause the “enemy’s medical system to collapse”.
  • Weekend Australian cited this claim as per leaked documents obtained by US officials

Hyderabad:  SARS Corona virus is a “new era of genetic weapon’ that could be artificially manipulated into an emerging human disease virus, and then weaponised and unleashed, cited by Weekend Australian which found  content in a leaked document written by Chinese military scientists and health officials in 2015.

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According to the document leaked, Chinese military scientists were already discussing the weaponisation of SARS Corona viruses in 2015, much before the pandemic broke out took place and hit global. Document titles” The Unnatural origins of SARS and New Species of man-made viruses as genetic bio weapons “went on to suggest that World War-III would be fought with biological weapons.

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 According to the Peter Jennings, the executive director of the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI), the leaked document could be one of the reasons due to which China has been so reluctant for outside investigations into the origins of COVID-19. This is said to be one of the major developments and gains significance as the pandemic unleashed severe damage to economies and lives across the world.

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A list of names in the document include China’s top public health figures among the authors and has been revealed in an upcoming book on the origin of Covid, titled “What Really Happened in Wuhan”?

The papers were allegedly obtained by US officials, which were written by military scientists, as a part of their own investigation into the origin of COVID-19. A bio weapon attack could cause the “ enemy’s medical system to collapse as per the PLA papers reference obtained by US officials. “. Though most scientists said there is no evidence that COVID-19 is manmade, questions remain whether it may have escaped from a secretive bio lab in Wuhan, the place or city from where the pandemic originated.

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According to ‘The Sun’ newspaper in the UK, quoting reports first released by ‘The Australian’, the “bombshell” documents obtained by the US State Department reportedly show the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) commanders making the sinister prediction.

The PLA papers referenced seem to fantasise that a bioweapon attack could cause the “enemy’s medical system to collapse.” Questions remain over the origins of the deadly virus after a much derided World Health Organisation (WHO) probe earlier this year, with the organisation ordering a further investigation which factors in the possibly of a lab leak.

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